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Rules For Teachers To Avoid Burnout

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Teachers have the highest burnout rate of any public service job.

Why Educator Wellness?

  • Educators that are healthy are a critical component of a thriving school.
  • A healthy workplace leads to educators who are happy and satisfied withtheir jobs and can perform better.
  • Happy and healthy educators are absent fewer days and more likely to stayin their positions.
  • Healthy educators provide the stability that is essential for educationalsuccess.
  • Research shows health and wellness programs contribute to workplaceexcellence and job satisfaction.

Wellness programs improve performance. All educators can benefit from workplace wellness programs. Research shows that by living healthy increasing healthy behavior like being morephysically active to eating healthier foods. Participating in wellness programs can reduce absent days, increase focus ability, improvemorale, and combat chronic diseases. Wellness programs help create good places to work. A more supportive work environment creates a safer place. Improved health; increased well-being, self-image, and self-esteem. Improved coping skills with stress or other factors affecting health.

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Get the recommended 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.o Don’t take work home unless absolutely necessary (i.e. exams).o Avoid caffeine, sugar, junk food and alcohol during the week to ensure your diet doesn’t disrupt your sleep.


Prepare and eat real food to balance your blood sugar, maintain your energy and optimize your brain power! Good Habits.


Ensuring that your body is hydrated helps in flushing bacteria from your body. Take a water bottle to school and keep it filled with water. Avoid caffeinated, sugar-filled drinks because these substances actually compound dehydration symptoms.


Staying organized can improve mental and physical health.§ It improves stress levels, eating habits, workouts, relationships, productivity, weight, and sleep.


Prioritizing is the best friend of organizing. Avoid overscheduling, take a couple minutes each day to prioritize your to-do list. Do only what is necessary each day.


If you’ve organized and prioritized your to-do list and you’re still overwhelmed, the next step is to ask for help or delegate tasks.o At school, ask your students for help in organizing your classroom.o Connect with colleagues to share resources.


When life seems overwhelming, purge it from your system. Talk to a colleague, friend or spouse about what’s bothering you and options to solve your dilemma or just talk about your feelings. If you’re more of an introvert, then write in a journal instead.


Wellness is a state of mind; if you are consciously aware of your personal mental and physical health you can make changes to improve it step by step. As a teacher, your personal wellness impacts others including your students, colleagues and family. If you take care of your own personal wellness, everyone will benefit from the new, improved, and energetic you: your family, students, colleagues, friends and especially the most important person – YOU!


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11 February 2020

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