Security Issues And Working Conditions At Amazon

Working conditions

Amazon got more than 400,000 employees worldwide however, an investigation has been conducted because there has been complaints for managing their employees like robots by making their workers working more than 50 hour weeks but amazon claims Amazon said:" Amazon provides a safe and positive workplace with good benefits and good salary", it's been observed that there has been many emergency calls from amazon warehouses.

There have been different emergencies such as electric shocks and other serious injuries with more than 600 emergency calls, if we compare to another warehouse nearby they only had 7 emergencies. With all the injuries, employees are complaining about poor air conditioning and tight bathroom breaks with 24/7 video surveillance.

Security issues

Amazon offers many high-teach products one of them is called Alexa it's a smart speaker that assist you with daily tasks, Alexa can control your house heating and many other things, however it had an integrated microphone that records all what you say 24/7.Just recently an owner of Alexa was having a normal conversation with his friend until suddenly a friend of his who lived in another city has been sent a voice message of his friend having a conversation, the receiver of the message immediately called him and asked him to immediately turn off your Alexa .If any hacker is able to hack Alexa it could devastating if the device is connected to the central heating .Amazon said: "the data collected from Alexa are stored in the cloud which is hack-proof".

One of the other services that is hackable is the Amazon web service its "cloud computing" which you can store your personal information in the cloud, companies and private individual are worried about the concern of their private data stored if someone can exploit them and if amazon has control over them .Amazon mentioned that if any information were to leak the costumer must assume the risks, one of the solutions that the companies are using is to encrypt their data even if someone is trying to open the files it will be impossible and the file will auto-delete.

In 2015 a hacker used the amazon web service In order to conduct an attack against the giant Sony, approximately 80 million of accounts got affected by entering the amazon web service he got his way to millions of data stored in the cloud .Now many companies are wondering if they would trust amazon with its service, but some companies are storing non-confidential data they are not worrying.

Amazon went from a book shop to a giant e-commerce company that provides many services and goods with more than 300,000 workers worldwide, however amazon is lacking from developing in merging (developing) countries it's a chance to exploit their rising economy. Another suggestion is to try to solve their security issue by developing new firewall system.

03 December 2019
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