Self-Concept Theory and Its Relevance in the Educational Concept

Self-concept theory is the perception that we have about who we are – physically, emotionally, social and spiritually, and in terms of any other aspect that make up who we are. However, an individual should be aware of how their behavior is regarded toward change and the abilities that one has with their unique characteristics of understanding themselves in the educational concept.

Social interaction refers to interaction with people and how you behave around them. According to Anele’s story to build a positive relationship with her colleagues. She must increase social interaction among colleagues it will help her to increase the level of comfort. When employees are comfortable with each other, they are more inclined to share ideas, provide feedback, and offer support. It will also help Anele to feel trust them and speak honestly about the pressure of work. Generally, Anele will start learning new things how their colleagues think and complete tasks.

Asking for help is always a difficult but important element to gaining competence. In order Anele to gain competence must seek for help to other educators. So that she won’t feel any pressure in completing tasks in the educational concept. Gaining expertise from other who are experienced is a good way to gain valuable insight. It will also help Anele to build her own competence by observing those around her to improve what she’s doing. Observing what other do and how they do it will help her not feeling pressurized. As a result, asking and observing will build Anele relationship with her colleagues in the educational concept.

People around you their end up becoming your best family because you always with them. Anele spend the lots of time at workplace than home in order for her to create a positive relationship with colleagues. She need to show interest. And simple way to do that is to devote a portion of your day forward relationship – building, even if it’s just 20 minutes. She could just pop into someone’s office during lunch, reply to people’s posting on Twitter and LinkedIn. Also ask a colleague out for a quick cup of coffee. This must seem like a small gesture, but it will move mountain when winning new teacher over. Therefore, will give her an opportunity to know other educators

Recognizing self-esteem can increase Anele’s engagement at workplace, leading to higher productivity and improved relationship with her colleagues. Anele’s sense of self-esteem can help her to trust other educators and make better decisions, which are significant leadership qualities that can help her advance in her career. Self-esteem can lend Anele the confidence to build strong relationships, support other colleagues and have greater autonomy at work. When Anele have a good self-esteem with her colleagues she can set a boundary for how much work she take on to help eliminate stress and maximize the quality of the task.

Anele’s affects in the workplace is to build a positive relationship toward colleagues at school. Firstly, she must have a positive attitude in a workplace there will be a feeling that anything can be accomplished. Because of the support she will be getting to educators. Communication is a key to develop relationships. In this matter, she will be willing to share information and ideas. Willingness to think creatively and try new things. Eventually, positive can be contagious, where everyone feels there’re on the same team, the effort is collective, and everyone’s ideas are valued and welcomed.

The maintenance of developing a positive relationship in the educational concept. Before Anele focusing on the development of new workplace relationships, it can be helpful to understand her strengths and weaknesses. Developing relationships skills like communication, active listening and conflict resolution can assist her when initiating workplace relationship. Evaluate positive things that can bring to a new workplace relationship and consider the things she need in a relationship. By scheduling time, she will find it easier to interact with and get to know her co-workers. She might schedule time during lunch time or as she is leaving the office at the end of the day. Additionally, many employers have after-work outings or team event which can be greater for building workplace relationship.

To sum up, concept of knowing yourself, your beliefs and everything surroundings you its basically the who am l concept. Because it is also referred to self-knowledge concept, self full interpretation based on perception, and understanding. It deals with the person individual, their needs and how an individual behave towards people in building a positive relationship.

07 July 2022
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