The Power of Family Ties: Advantages of Having Siblings

Why having siblings is a good thing (essay)

When discussing the benefits of having siblings, this essay focuses on how having siblings can actually develop life skills that help individuals to succeed in life. While siblings may hit us and cause us to overreact, they can also teach us important life skills such as negotiation, cooperation, and communication. They also provide us with a sense of companionship and can serve as a lifelong source of support and comfort. Therefore, while there are disadvantages to having siblings, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and having siblings is indeed advantageous.

To begin, siblings contribute to our physical and mental health. According to researchers at Brigham Young University, sisters give siblings a psychological state boost in ways adults don’t. Results of a data analysis of almost four hundred families revealed that regardless of age-difference, having a sister protects the children against feeling isolated, unwanted, self-conscious and fearful. Even fights help by forming necessary tools like how to control emotions better (BYU News). Furthermore, they benefit our physical health by aiding a child oppose obesity and other health diseases. They increase your energy expenditure (they run around a lot) and they impact your calories intake (children like to eat as much as their siblings or less than them) as reported by Colin Brazier (BBC News).

Secondly, having a sibling allows you to have better relationships with others. Researchers of University of Calgary and University of Toronto stated that siblings have a strong influence on each others’ development. For instance, the tenderness and assistance from an older sibling can enhance the younger sibling’s language development and their understanding of others’ minds and point of views (Today’s Parents). Additionally, you learn to interact with others. As a kid, you spend a major amount of time with your siblings and most likely argued with them every chance you got. According to Laurie Kramer, a professor at the University of Illinois declared “these conflicts provide good training for interacting with peers”. Sibling quarrels help kids learn what they believe is right; to negotiate and compromise; and to put up with the negative emotions that arise in life (U.S. News and World Report).

In conclusion to my siblings essay, having siblings have positive effects since they assist us achieve success in life by contributing to our health and teaching us how to communicate better with others. Siblings are a combo of a best friend and a nuisance. They may be the most annoying individuals you have ever met however you still continue to love them endlessly.

10 October 2022
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