Significance Of Colin Kaepernick's Photo For History

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What’s done in the dark must come to light. Photos have the ability and power to change the world, they play a significant part in the wokeness of the people. In the photo Colin Kaepernick and two other players are kneeling during the anthem, the simple act that made him lose everything and become the face of the #BlackLivesMatterMovement nationwide. The photo was taken at a 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams football game at the Levi’s stadium during America’s national anthem. Kneeling during the anthem was a peaceful protest against the ongoing police brutality and the oppression of black people in America. The simple act was turned into a direct resistance against the POTUS, Donald Trump after he declared the act unpatriotic and demanded like an insolent child that they get fired from their jobs.

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The NFL responded by giving fines to the players who did so, which later turned into Colin Kaepernick getting fired. It also led to more spotlight being shed on the movement, as well as, gain more support. The mood of the photo is resilience and how willing they are to give up everything because of how much they believe in it. Colin Kaepernick began kneeling after an army veteran told him to, explaining that they kneel in front of a fallen soldier’s grave as a sign of respect, Colin did so to show that he was being respectful but to furthermore show that he wouldn’t be complicit in the persecution of black lives; ergo the true message of the photo. I chose this particular photo because it is something that I truly believe in and I am a huge supporter of this cause.

Another reason why I chose this photo was because this was a great learning moment for me, as well as, an example to fight for what I believe in even if I become undone in the process. This is a clear example of the importance of photography and its impact on the world, and consequently it draws out raw emotions from us. The word woke derived from black mainstream culture it is in reference to how people need to be aware of the current affairs; hence the grammatically incorrect tense of awake. “Colin Kaepernick is woke” #BlackLivesMatterMovement is the fight for equality, as well as, to protest against police brutality, injustice in the criminal system, and the criminalization of black youths through the school to prison pipeline.

11 February 2020

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