Single Parents Should Get More Praise And Support

One-third of children living in the US are living with a single mother. “81% of those single-parent homes are headed by a mom.” This is a big problem worldwide, it can cause the child to have more problems in school, they’re going to be different from the other kids who have both parents in the household, and they are more likely to stop going to school to help their mom pay bills. Me’s argument stated single mothers should get more praise and support. They shouldn’t be stigmatized or discredited for what they don’t have any control over. In fact, they shall be applauded for taking the big role and responsibility to do such a thing. The evidence that is currently presented was his own personal experience, his mom was a single parent and he grew up being the only one in his Catholic school who lived with one parent.

We should address single parenting more than we do now because women should be able to have more support than they do now. Roles - set of expectations. This concept relates to the topic discussed because, in a normal household with both parents present, they both have roles and responsibilities. The argument the author is trying to make is the mother is raising the child on her own she has to take the responsibilities of both parents, for example, a woman tries to raise a boy to become a man.

Role Strain - difficulty meeting the responsibility of a certain role in her life. This relates to the topic because single parents don’t have all the resources available to provide for their children, she has to watch, feed, dress, and provide shelter, without any help from her spouse. The argument the author is trying to convey is that for single moms, it's hard for them to make ends meet and we should give them more credit than anyone else. All individuals are stigmatized no matter the circumstance. Stigma is the permanent damage to someone’s identity. This concept is related to the topic because women raising a child on their own are stigmatized and in many different ways. They get looked at differently because of the materialistic things they have or maybe not have. Not only the mom but the child also, especially by kids that attend his/her school if they’re the only one with one parent in their household. The argument that the author is trying to conduct is that single moms and their children shouldn’t be condemned from society, in fact, they should be praised for taking such a big role.

Embarrassment - a feeling of shame. This concept is linked to the topic because when growing up without any of the things your peers have can be harsh; kids are mean and they’ll bully you just because of that. In the article, he explained that he was embarrassed by his car, clothes, cable TV, or anything else that his peers had. The argument the author is trying to deliver is you shouldn’t be embarrassed over something you can’t control, he’s trying to get us to realize that it is hard for kids to go to school barley having decent clothes, but the mother is trying everything in her power to supply you with your necessary necessities. A person who expects to fulfill the job of two people is called role conflict. For example, how single parents have to take on the role of the absent spouse. This concept relates to the topic because single moms have to take two roles by being the mother and the father in the child’s life. The argument that the author is trying to make it even though his dad wasn’t in his life, his mom took his dad’s role in his life and did as best as she could to raise him to be who he is. She taught him how to rely on his self, treat women, and much more; which helped him obtain his way into the middle class. Single parents are being resocialized into a new set of norms if they’re not accustomed to being a single parent. This concept is connected to the topic because if the mom was born into a nuclear family, she’s going to have to resocialize and learn new norms because she won’t be familiar with being a single parent. The key point the author is trying to convey is that single parents go through so many changes and unfortunate situations; to see their roles change is unacceptable. Norms are culturally defined rules of conduct. Values are a standard judgment that people decide. This concept relates to the topic talked about because single parents are looked at differently in our society, but are applauded due to the fact that they stayed to raise the kid instead of giving up or putting them in a foster home. The case the author is trying to make is that even to single parents made bad choices they still did what was they thought was right and kept custody of the child and raised them to their best ability.

Cultural relativism – the principle that people’s beliefs and activities should be interpreted in terms of their culture. We shouldn’t judge people for their social class or lifestyle. This concept relates to the subject because single parents are always frowned upon and judged by the lifestyle they posses. The argument the author is trying to make is that some people can’t be as fortunate as others and you shouldn’t look down on someone because of that. Ethnocentrism to judge other cultures using one’s own as a standard. This concept is related to the article because in the article he explained that when his friend stayed over he was judged by him since he ate different, cheaper foods at home rather than what his parents had at home. The argument the author is trying to reveal is you shouldn’t judge someone’s culture and what they do in there household because it’s not the same as yours.

In conclusion, single parents in our society are looked at in a negative way because they relate it to them making bad decisions in the past. I’ve come to the conclusion that single parents are strong and brave to be able to get out of a relationship to better benefit their kids and one’s self. I reached this conclusion by looking at it from a different perspective and I saw how far someone would go to benefit theirself and their child and become a single-parent. 

01 February 2021
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