Socio-Cultural Dimensions Of Communication In Brooklyn 99 Show


The characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine show a great example of diversity when it comes to their race, which is very different to how a stereotypical-American comedy show would usually be with all characters being white in majority. I love how they’ve decided to do this because to me it was very representative of what we would actually see in the real world. Not only in the pilot episode have they shown sensitivity to one’s culture, but the whole show in general. One scene from the pilot episode was when new Commanding Officer Captain Ray Holt asked Sergeant Terry Jeffords about the detectives in the precinct he never mentioned anything about anyone’s race or culture although he did mention who were the worst and who were the best.


The show once again was very open minded about everything even considering one’s sexuality. In the pilot episode they were introduced to a new Captain, Ray Holt. Towards the end of the show he mentioned that he was gay, main character Jacob “Jake” Peralta then began to realize that he was actually open about it. Namely the scene where the captain mentions “manscaping”, where Gina mentions that he was very suave and then asks if “anyone gets a little bit of a gay vibe” and then finally when the Captain himself told Jake he was gay. Brooklyn Nine-Nine once again has surpassed my expectations, the show has been exceptionally good with the meaningful representation because these issues are very important to the world today.

Socio-economic status

Brooklyn Nine-nine has a handful of diverse and differently cultured actors, from white people, to as far as being gay and black. During the pilot episode the new captain was introduced to all the detectives at the precinct. Everyone was introduced as to how they were good at their job, whether they were good detectives or bad detectives. But not one of them was judged based off of their race, their sexuality, or etc. No one was judged based on how rich they were, whether or not they came from a superior family. They were introduced solely after what and who they actually were as a person.

Brooklyn Nine-nine is one of few shows that show sensitivity to one’s culture, gender, age, religion, etc., This begins with the show’s cast, for the first time the actors of color outnumber those who are white. This showed that people nowadays are now getting used to seeing multiculturalism. It’s great that the directors casted most of them of different color because this has been a good representation of what the world really is and what it really should be. One good example is the new commanding officer Captain Ray Holt, he’s black, and at the same time gay. Something we don’t usually see. These things are slowly starting to be normalized. It’s beautiful because this is how the world is meant to be.

03 December 2019
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