Socrates Contribution to Philosophy: the Greatest Teacher Ever

Socrates was a famous and a great philosopher. Іocrates contribution to philosophy is hardly measured. His knowledge lives on the minds of every person who appreciated and learn from his wisdom. His words were admired by many, even other philosophers were struck by his taught. He had an incredible impact throughout, as the years go by. He claimed not to teach anything but only to seek answers to crucial human questions and help others to do the same. As claimed by Socrates, “The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing”. He put emphasis on knowledge all his life. He questions every time because he knows nothing, knows he knows nothing, but can help his followers to discover the truth by themselves. Man has to look at himself for him to know what could be his true life purpose.

In our life, we encounter different scenarios which helped us think or even doubt what could be the future waiting for us. Through this, we are constantly doing the best that we can today for us not to regret the possible outcomes of our future. Our choices was motivated by our desire of happiness. We should know more about ourselves and be able to stand on our own, and not live by the accordance or rules of other people for we know what is the best for us. Distinguishing our true self can give us the life that we want or even a better opportunity. This is for us to achieve a practical result for a greater prosperity of the society.

Socrates' mind also teach us that knowledge is a virtue, this means to know something is to do something. This phrase from him also gives us a huge impact in our life. It gives us people some realization about what life would be if you will be able to handle something that you might regret in the near future. You must know what you're doing because you can't do a thing without purposely knowing what is it. Everyone must be responsible for his own attitude. We must live in the accordance of who we are for we own our knowledge and for we know how to create a much better result.

Over all, it may be said that following Socrates' philosophy might give us pure consciousness for being who we are. We must believe the next step of our path towards the knowledge and believes in the process we are taking before it may cause us either good or evil depending on how we handle. This may help in improving our reasonable ability for we know and think what is the best in everything we thought, and gives larger impact depending on our beliefs , and help us make better decisions by developing our minds through our knowledge. This can also be our way of living our life. Being able to understand and to help people understand our true purpose in living our life. Gives us or makes us an important contribution to the society where people know the truth about themselves. 

21 Jun 2023
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