Spanking Children - Both Obedience and Physical Abuse

Should Parents Spank Their Kids For Discipline? As a kid, we probably get spanked by our parents before. Is that the right way to discipline your child? Kids are annoying sometimes even when adults tell them to stop, but they never stop. Kids that are seven to ten and maybe 13 they mostly cause trouble. I’m not saying this to every kid, I’m only saying this to disrespectful kids. Kids that are like seven or ten they probably can take spanking already. 

Spanking kids sometimes can be bad, because they are probably going to get hurt and they will be afraid to tell people. Teaching kids discipline is the most important thing to do in their life,when they grow up they can teach their kids discipline and act like adults. That means discipline, not only going to help them now, but in the future too. Some kids probably never get disciplined or people can call it spanking. Then, when they grow up they probably don’t know now anything about disciplining their child and controlling their kids. If kids don’t get discipline it affects their future by doing things that are bad for them. If kids don’t get spanked they not going to respect their parents and their elders. 

The most things in life is to get disciplined by your elders and parents. Showing the kids who are the boss. Sometimes kids act like they are the boss of their elders, and they don’t treat their elderly with honor. When kids don’t have a boss they seem to be rude. If they don’t know who is the boss they do stuff that is unpleasant and awful. Kids like following their boss if they have one. If elders act like they are the boss the kids going to be scared of them and respect them. The kids always like being around with their boss if the kid did something repulsive. They are going get spanked by their boss aka their parents. They are going to feel the pain of spanking and remember to not do bad things again. You gotta show them who is the leader of the household. 

Some peoples’ opinion on the spanking kid is that spanking kid can lead to violence. No way it can lead to violence because you not going to spank them in the head or the face. Most people spank their kids on the arms and the legs. Sometimes those spankings won’t even hurt them it just scared them. Unless you want your kid to end up dead you probably hit your kid in the head with a rock instead of spanking them. Most parents spank their kids to teach them stuff not to hurt them or kill them. Spanking kids can lead to violence, but longest you know how to control it everything will be fine because you will know how hard you spank the kid. I am on the spanking kids’ side, but longest it doesn’t lead to a bloody scene or doesn’t lead to kid end up dying I’m fine with it. My mom spanks me before when I was a kid, but it never leaded to me ending with marks or bruise on me. Spanking kids don’t happen every day if you spank your kids every day. That means it’s child abuse because you spank your kid every day. Most parents spank their kids like once a month or a year and then, two hours later they make it up to their kids. 

Overall, some people say it might be unnecessary, or the parents might spank their kids for fun. Ok, first of all, what kind of person would spank their kids for no reason? I bet you 100 dollars that most parents don’t like watching their kid get hurt. So that means parents must have the reason they spank their kid. Spanking kids are bad but if you have reason why and don’t spank them every day it’s fine. In different countries, parents spank their kid for obedience, but in the United States, it’s called abuse.

29 July 2023
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