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Standardized Testing For Homeschool Students

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The Stanford Achievement Test is one of the most familiar exams in the education system and is one of the determining factors in whether a student moves to the next grade or not. It is also used to determine whether the school is meeting state and national standards in its curriculum and application at the various grade levels. Homeschool students are not exempt from this requirement if dictated by their state and should have a plan on how to take this each year and have documented results.

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The top accredited homeschool platform has a way of connecting every grade either through a physical test booklet or online access to this test. There is no direct preparation as the exam sections cover a range of subject areas and is designed to evaluate the student’s knowledge of the information and timeliness in answering the questions. While the platform may provide the materials, parents need to know what the state requires for the administration of the test in order to be compliant with the regulations.

Some states allow the parent to administer the test directly to the student while others require a licensed teacher to be present. In other states, students may have to be present in the classroom at a local school during their exams to ensure that they are given the most current version and it is overseen by a professional educator approved by the state. The accredited homeschool platform can take the booklet and send it in for scoring by the official organization, while the online results are sent electronically.

All documentation is stored in the student and parent portal so there is access to the records whenever needed and can be provided to the state agency or kept in case it is asked for. When the platform provides the standardized testing, it is easier for the parents and removes the need to find an alternate solution that requires planning and coordination. Find out if the test can be taken anytime through the platform portal in conjunction with the state’s timeline or if the opening is limited to the online vendor. This should be worked into the school schedule so the student can focus solely on the test sections and may already be on the lesson planner provided to the family.

Standardized homeschool testing is critical to understanding how the student is doing but also in meeting state requirements so it needs to be part of the services and resources the online platform can provide. If there are concerns with the administration of the test based on your child’s testing skills and learning environment, it is best to speak with the Guidance Counselor about available options. Every student is different and while some find these tests easy to take in any format, other students are more challenged so the solution needs to be in their best interests to set them up for success. Work with online staff to find the right answer for the necessary completion and documentation of this important set of tests.

07 September 2020

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