Stereotypes In Different Spheres Of Life

A stereotype is a fixed widespread image or set of attributes that a group of people believe constitute a specific type of person or thing. Stereotypes are built on thinking of grandparents, parents and other members of family and relatives, nowadays social medial, information media and certain news channels plays a major role. Stereotype can be of two types one positive and the other one is negative. In most of the cases stereotypes are seen in negative way, only in few cases stereotypes can be positive.

Stereotyping is imprecise, information of what our mind think it was true for us but the other side it was painful for others or it was mentally hurting others. Stereotype is a mindset of a group of people who avoid progressing new or unpredicted statistics about each and every one. Humans want to feel superior about the group from which they belong to. For example Brahmins are known as the superior cast and only they have all the rights to create a structure of rituals like if you done some great job or if you are going to start up something you have to give Dakshina to the Brahmins.

Stereotype is deep rooted in Indian Culture. If a person or group is stereotyped as something, groups of another people make a secure image or idea of them and after they make fun of them, For example Sardarjis have very weak intelligence quotient even if they are intelligent, but most of the jokes are made on sardarjis and people enjoy it very well. Stereotype can create physical and mental impact on an individual for an example people make laugh of a fat/chubby girl but in actual life she worked hard to lose her weight and also she broke mentally to hear this non-sense comment on her.

Stereotypes can be categorized in to superiority, generalism, and characteristics. For an example if the girl stand with a group of five to six boys she called as slut, where the other side if the boy stand with a group of five to six girls he called as stud. Just one word change the character of a person. We can see stereotype in everywhere, everyday, and around our everyday life but no one take stand against it because somewhere around stereotype put dirt in everyone’s mind.

Every man thinks that he is far more better than any successful woman. Only man can be owner of bread. Stereotype makes people blind that they cannot see the truth in the shadow of stereotype. Typical stereotype following people know the truth but instead of except the truth they just give lots of argumentation and hide the original point. Even some people or some group of people prevent others from entering or succeeding in several fields or several social activities.

Some of the stereotypes we typically come across in our routine. We can see stereotype in each and every places like in marriage, after marriage girl is suppose to left her home and live with boy’s family for lifetime. That’s not all girls have to suffer from every stereotypic rituals like fasting after marriage for husband’s long life, quit their jobs for take care of husband’s family members, change her surname and in some cast and states change her name too. Every unnecessary things she has to follow because of stereotypes and people’s stereotypic nature.

At one side we take side of women empowerment and the other side in every high position of jobs or in politics we choose a men and in very limited places women are on higher positions but they don’t get as such high salary as males get. At one side people pray goddess for a healthy and happy life but at the other side same people do domestic violence on their wives. At one side we say “Beti bachao beti padhao” and the other side people kill their daughters in mother’s womb just because they want a boy to fulfill their dreams and in the villages boys are only suppose to study in the schools while girls have to learn the house hold thing.

Stereotype says the woman have no right to stay alive if her husband is no more, in early times a ritual called “sati pratha” is exist in this ritual a video woman have to put her dead husband’s head in to her lap and burn in the fire. In India a woman’s status( married or single) decides her behavior, dressing and character. And in case of marriage proposals family of boy first judge the girl by her complexion, then they judge a girl by her body type that if she is fat or skinny, then the third parameter comes in picture that she can cook or not or she is homely or not, the next parameter is her behavior with adult and young ones, then after all these the family members decide that she should marry that guy or not no one is going to ask the girl that she want to marry or she want to do something else.

In education systems too we can see the stereotyping for an example in the books of nursery they saw that all the house hold things are done by the women and all the works by which we can earn the money they can done by man, in fact we can see stereotyping in the staff of any school and collages, all the important subjects are taken by the male faculty where the all light weight age subjects are taken by female faculty. In case of sports every boy assumes that girls are not good at sports, girls can play only badminton, tennis, or they can only play with soft balls or they can only be cheers leaders while boys can play cricket, volleyball, basketball, hockey, golf etc.

In most of the family important decisions are taken by the male head of the family they never think it is important to consult woman too. Men are think that women have very weak judgment power that’s the reason they can’t drive the car properly and also they can’t do multiple work at the same time. These all are the type of negative stereotypes. There are some positive stereotypes too, For example Women are good at cooking, Men are strong and do all the work, Women are kind and soft hearted that’s why they can handle children very nicely, women are very caring, etc.

11 February 2020
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