Steve Jobs: A Great Leader And Businessman

The Apple Company has become a billion dollar company thanks to the innovation of Steven Jobs and his co-founder Steve Wozniak. Steven Jobs was a person of excellence in his career he demanded nothing but the best with his unconventional leadership style and his ability to visualize the future of technology. An unconventional leader focuses on providing the best products and services, more than they do profit. Unconventional leaders tend to lead the most successful firms and business in their industries.

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Leaders like Steve Jobs tend to create organizations built on creativity, flexibility, and taking risk that modernizes and wins. These types of leaders define their industries and most of the time the way other people live. Steve jobs did just that, he made sure that the technology he created was the product and service that accommodated the lives of others. Jobs was value driven, he developed people, build teams and strategies, and maximized results. As a college student Jobs dropped out during his first semester, although he was not enrolled in any more classes at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, he still took the initiative to take classes that only interested him. With nowhere to go Jobs often slept anywhere he could eventually Jobs returned back home to San Francisco, California and got a job as a technician with the Atari company making a mere $5 dollars an hour. Jobs worked the night shift at Atari because of issues he had with his fellow employees. While working the night shift he would often sneak his friend Steve Wozinak in his place of employment to play video games and help with the technical side of his job.

Steve had a passion for computers and electronics just like Jobs did. Jobs and Wozinak came up with an idea and pitched it to their employers HP and Atari both companies were impressed but not anyone of the companies had the desire to put the money and effort behind the project. Both Jobs and Wozinak made sacrifices for their company, they came up with the name Apple because Jobs still owned part of a farm back in his college hometown of Portland, Oregon, which at some point harvested apples. Apple went public in 1980 when Steve Jobs first launched Apple publicly it was call Macintosh only thing you could do is email and instant message technology was not up to par in those trying times. Once technology started to upgrade jobs was on top of it all spending 10 million dollars on a share of a computer graphics company called Pixar. After buying, half of Pixar Jobs returned to Apple hand picking all board members so he could make his brand more personal for his consumers. Now days in time you can video chat, email, instant message as well as surf the web while holding a phone call.

Steve Jobs was a very brilliant man he used every resource he could to make his company possible, from teaming up with like companies like CompUSA, Microsoft Office, Google, and Internet Explorer. In 2007 Steve Jobs teamed up with AT&T and introduced the iPhone for the first time with its built in music player, Bluetooth connectivity, high quality touch screen, internet, mega pixel camera ( front face), face to face chat based on phone calling ,GPS enable navigator, email connectivity and connection to YouTube and Google. The iPhone provided customized apps and video enabled performances for the customers. Jobs cutting edge technology system allowed all iPhone consumers to customize through color and personal needs. The iPhones was a worldwide sensation. Jobs approach to continuously improve his company’s process is his strategy to hire the best of the best staff, his work ethics, his passion, his career in electrical engineering, and his motivation to lead technology. Jobs envisioned revolutionizing technology to meet consumer needs, one of the most brilliant things that most consumers has ever heard of. Jobs ability to understand human behavior helped him to determine and distinguish what people wanted and what people needed. With his business-liked mind, his negating traits and his courage to take risks Jobs trained all his employees thoroughly to be the best and always create the best technology. Futhermore, this is how he continues his process of improvement in his death by leaving a legacy behind that his company will forever follow. Steve Jobs set a great example for potential business owners such as myself as I read about Steve I immediately was drawn to his dedication and determination to his business even though he was turned down that didn’t stop him from continuing his journey to success. The skills I obtained by reading this article about him was the skill of passion, to be passionate about what you’re going to do , to build a company on nothing but the best, never settle for anything always strive to change for the better.

Another thing I learned was how to accommodate the consumer. Steve Jobs made sure that his consumers were well satisfied with their product from start to finish that is what a made him big success in life is his commitment to give the people what they wanted and desired. I did accumulate some ideas from his success, the first idea was to hand pick all of my future employees and pick nothing, but the best, make my investments worthwhile and never give up. Steve Jobs was an intelligent business minded person who thrived for excellence in all that he did, from starting his company to buying shares. If all of us could think like him and have his determination, we would all be on top. May his soul rest in peace. Jobs taught us all a valuable lesson never to give up and be great at what you do.

10 September 2019

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