Struggle During the Civil War in the Movie Glory

The movie Glory used its medium to perfectly show the struggle of everyone during the civil war. It showed how even though the north fought to end slavery they were still just as racist. You had soldiers infighting, and the black soldiers were being used primarily for labor. Black soldiers also had to work much harder to earn respect than other soldiers. While the movie was wrong in showing a former slave being flogged it was put there for making a powerful message. 

The movie also showed how the black soldiers were exploited. Like how one colonel talked about them like they were animals and how he knew how to tame them. He also didn’t treat them or anyone else with respect and had them tearing up towns. There were many cases of exploitation throughout the movie, but they did miss some, one of which was the way newspapers used fear in black people to get ratings. The closest they got was when the reporter that came to report on them started reporting on anything but them. All the changes the movie made were to further enhance the climax where the regiment was completely accepted by all the other regiments. This was completely accurate, and they did well at the end to show how other regiments started popping up. 

Finally, the biggest arc of the movie was the redemption of Colonel Shaw, while the cowardly act, in the beginning, may have been complete fiction it was necessary to make his character arc as emotional and powerful as possible. With him deciding to lead the regiment to him dying while trying to lead his men to battle. While Glory may not have been the most historically accurate movie, it was a fantastic one. One that tried its best to keep things accurate while understanding that to make a good story with the little information they had to change parts. And unlike other historical movies, they make sure that they only changed what was necessary to keep the story interesting and moving.

07 July 2022
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