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Studying Abroad In The U.S.A

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving,” said Albert Einstein who is one of the most famous scientists. As Einstein says, life is a bicycle if you stop, you will fail. Sometimes life opens the doors when least expected. Going into the door or wait at the door? Taking the advantages are all our decisions. Sometimes we might go through difficulties and be blind for advantages when they show up. This was the situation for me to stay in the U.S.A. One day, the option was there to be picked up by me. Studying in the U.S.A has given me crucial opportunities and experiences to identify myself better such as gaining self-confident, having a self-consciousness, and understanding my desires.

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The first thing I gain to start my new life in the U.S.A was becoming more self-confident. After the 2000s, the new generation has tended to be more protected even if they have been becoming more independent. I had been grown up a very protective family and being the first kid is almost required more attention. My mom and dad were always there for me if I need something. However, they realized that I have got to make a life of my own. While I was reading my favorite book in my room, the wind was blowing from the window. My huge ornamental plants were happy to meet with the sun as much as like me. I was hearing the voices from the kitchen and the voices were getting close to me. The door was knocked. “Can we come in?” said, my dad. “Come on in!” They were about to say something which should be interesting as far as I was concerned. “We wanna offer something! Do you wanna go to the U.S.A.?” Here we go! Being in the U.S.A was always my dream and they were literally asking my opinion about it without my request. I said “Yes, yes, yes!”. Travelling to the U.S.A alone gives me beneficial opportunities but the most noticeable thing I gain after the decision of studying abroad is having a self-confident because I already had known everything might be more difficult and strenuous. After a couple of weeks, I just arrived in the U.S.A. Everywhere is clean, bright and, well-organized as a first impression. People are nice and smiling in each other. I was amazed, and the story was just started…

I was leaving with my friend from high school in Texas when I came to the U.S.A. Living abroad made feel excited. There is a variety of people who are willing to experience and learn about different cultures. Not only seeing people from different background, and also trying different cuisines provided me to enjoy new tastes from World kitchens. Especially in Texas, everything about the food is extremely huge. Also, the other thing took my attention was people inquire how others are. I was confused at the very first time because I was curious if I know them when they ask me how I am. I just realized later people just try to be nice and make their days better which I love it. After a month, I got used to being in the states. My friend was doing everything for me. I did not prefer to have friends and communicate with individuals. That’s why I could just speak daily in basic English and improve my English because she was talking to people when I needed something even if I was taking an English class at the same time. After time went by, I realized I was hesitating to talk and socialize with people because of my timidity. Then, I decided to move to Virginia and took some risks because I wanted to be myself to gain my self-consciousness.

After I moved to Virginia, my life has changed in many ways. I have taken big steps since I moved from Texas. Studying abroad provides me to meet different education style from my country’s style of education and to be able to adapt it. Also, I had many friends when I started college in the U.S.A. Having friends from different backgrounds gives me the opportunity to know different traditions and cultures. After a while, I have had my safe zone to feel more comfortable and happy with my inner circle. I had chances to meet with many valuable professors and friends who helped me to be able to have a vision of different perspectives. However, studying abroad forces you to handle many struggles. For example, you have to pay rents, bills, and school tuition every month. All the struggles I have faced make me stronger and powerful. Then, I decided to work as the first time in my life. While I was looking for a job, I was a little bit timid because I was not sure if I can do the job and speak English well while working. I received the call from the company of GAP after a couple of days. The person on the phone was asking my availability for the job interview. I scheduled in the same week but I was so scared to be failed and not be able to answer the questions I had during the interview. However, my first interview was gone well and got the job even if I did not have any idea about my duties. Anyway, the very first day my manager wanted me to try all women jeans to have knowledge about them if customers ask me questions. At the end of my first workday, I was tired but satisfied as well. I was convinced that I have done with something for myself when I earned my first income. Next step was buying a car. After a while, I could save enough money to buy a car. Then, I searched it up and bought one of the cars was white and old from the dealer. The first month I was coward to drive. However, I learned how I can drive and got my Driver’s License from DMV. Moving Virginia, studying in college, working, and having a car were big issues for me. Problems and situations I have undergone have taught me to be sturdy and solve them easily. Moreover, all my experimentations I have confronted since I feel I am viable after steps I have gone through assist me to understand my desires. Also, all the mistakes I have made just have introduced me the right way.

In conclusion, having the chance to study in the U.S.A has brought me many opportunities. I could make friendships which are lifelong and they helped me to get different cultural perspectives, and try different foods are belong to other regions, and having a social life which makes me more healthy mentally. Also, wrestles I had to figure out helped me to have a better understanding of my abilities. After every step which helped me to provide myself and understand my desires in my life, I had the best life experiences because I could gain self-confident and self-consciousness. Also, I believe that after I complete my education in the U.S.A. I will have many abounding as a career opportunity. Having faith in yourself is the key of realizing yourself!

07 September 2020

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