SUA As Great Variant Of Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education is like taking a one-of-a-kind Self Portrait, identifying the best ways in which you process information. I am fascinated by how the power writing has served as “a record of the human experience”, offering a range of insight and life perspectives. A liberal arts degree is not “pointless” in the current employment market. The capacity of my thinking, just as my composition skills, will be challenged and tested throughout every unit.

Liberal arts is an education that is planned to grow the limit of the brain to think basically and break down data adequately. It creates and fortifies the brain to think inside and overall orders with the goal that it might serve the person over a lifetime. As a student. I will be required to take courses in an assortment of controls, where there is a substantial spotlight on writing and imparting adequately. I believe that engaging with a liberal arts path will guide me to find meaningful connections to my own life as well.

Liberal arts schools likewise, in general, tend to have foundations that emphasize the student’s wellbeing and education. Smaller class sizes, various research openings, close access and relations to educators, and a wide-based scholastic education in the branches of arithmetic, sociologies, and life sciences. In our undeniably developing, globalized world, liberal arts produce scholars who have the certainty and adaptability to consistently adapt new aptitudes and material.

Thomas Friedman quotes in his book ‘The World Is Flat’ that “it is not only what you know but how you learn that will set you apart. Because what you know today will be out-of-date sooner than you think.” After 12 years of studying under the Singapore education system with its emphasis on hand-holding, I finally decided this was not what I want or what I need for my college education. I wish to become an undergraduate with a rich history, a rigorous liberal arts approach to education, and experience in a unique housing system.

SUA is recognized as one of the most diverse in the nation. I value the contributions that a diverse community can bring to a campus and the environment a student is exposed to. As a student, I want to succeed in an environment where I feel safe, comfortable and accepted. I desire for a faculty that coordinates educational, social and cultural programs to promote the inclusive community on campus. That could mean leadership development workshops, artistic performances, or developing specialized support groups. Having student support organizations on campus like the Student Association, or the Student Society, interactions between multi-racial students, and PRIDE. Personal connections are fundamental to my growth as an individual and add a vital component to my education. If I were to go with SUA, I hold confidence that the school will hold such a position, that it would be equipped with providing for me with importance. For me, it was asking myself whether traveling over 14000 km from home to get a degree was a worthwhile endeavor or not. In SUA, I put my trust that it will be.

07 July 2022
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