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Surgery – A Profession I'M Dedicated To

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Our cosmos is forged by the interplay of the three fundamental sciences that I’m currently undertaking at A-Level; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which each respectively pose intricate questions. On April 1 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. However how is it that over half a decade later, mankind is yet to devise a cure for cancer or a seemingly in-complex common cold? This indwelling idea initially entertained my infatuation for Medicine, gradually maturing into my ambition of becoming a surgeon. I personally believe a career in medicine, in particular surgery, is best tailored to my thirst for a dynamic and demanding vocation.

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Over the years I’ve acquired a vast array of skills to familiarise myself with the physical and mental strain endured in a surgical environment. Foremost between the years 2008-2016 I was part of a London based football team, experiencing spells of success as well as difficult droughts. These peaks and falls have taught me that the combination of communication and teamwork are pivotal to success when a group of individuals strive to achieve a common goal; in our case silverware. Similarly a surgical team comprised of individuals with divergent medical tasks cooperates and communicates in order to fulfill their shared goal of saving lives as efficiently and cautiously as feasible. Furthermore I’ve come to a realisation throughout my eight years that football is as psychologically demanding as physically. During this process I’ve become resilient to pressure by cause of high stress situations on field, such as a penalty shootout. Correspondingly, for example, Doctors have to be unfazed when exposed to a unforeseen complication or when making a critical decision.

Apart from football, I’ve devoted hundreds of hours to sharpening my mechanical skills and competitive thirst in a particular action real-time strategy game, DOTA 2. Although simply a video game, DOTA 2 has made me a subject of precarious situations where my reflexes and critical thinking have been both numerously put to test. My invested hours have paid dividend to my analytical perception of sudden circumstances in game that could potentially translate to real life situations. Likewise surgeons must be sharp and momentous when performing their dynamic job but unlike in a video game they must face real life consequences to their actions. In like manner as football, DOTA centres around formulated team coordination between five strangers, requiring communication and well-engineered drafting phase. Conclusively DOTA has nurtured my communicative, mechanical and critical thinking skills that allowed to me to excel in niche environments.

Moreover one of the decisive moments in my life was undertaking further education in Gunnersbury Catholic High School specialising in the sciences (current school), where my prior enthusiasm for the sciences peaked since joining in 2012. Since joining in year 7 I have taken part in a heart dissection, Science club and plentiful projects across the three sciences. I’ve grown the greatest intrest for biology in particular dissection experiments. In my spare time I have watched Polish medical programs where through surgery obesity, deformities and conditions are eradicated by doctors. I’d like to see myself doing the same in 15 years hence I’m applying for a course in medicine.

15 April 2020

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