Syrian War And Threats To The Muslims Of Syria


Syria has been under civil war since 2011 and is still in action. The main question is that, Why is there a civil war in Syria? Or what started as a non-violent uprising and turned into a Fully Violent Civil War. The Syrian War is a devastating conflict between the civilians and the Government. The civilians of Syria who are fighting with the President in form of groups want the President to abandon the seat of President, but he calls them with the name of “Foreign-backed terrorism” and kills them, hence the war is continue between both.

The war is between two groups, one are the rebels who want the President to resign because of his bad government plans and injustice, and the other is the president and all his supporters. The rebels which are also mentioned as the terrorists only wanted the president to resign and started peaceful protests, but president replied with blood shelling and torture. This ignited the fire in the protestors and they started war with him using weapons.

Findings and Discussion

How The War Started

What were the main reasons that led the start of war? What was the reason that civilians decided to fight against the President? Back in 2011 the conflict started with a peaceful protest and quickly took the shape of a full-fledged civil war. As the fight began many innocent people were killed i.e. more than 470,000, millions were injured and millions had to leave there houses and cities and live in like refugees. There is still a confusion that why this war started? Not only one but many reasons led to the start of this violent war.

Arab Spring

One of the reasons that can be, perhaps the most significant trigger for the conflict was the Arab Spring. The main spark that ignited the war was the event known as Arab Spring. In early 2011, political protests started in Arab. These successful protests inspired the anti-government groups in Syria. The anti-authoritarian sentiment that was in Arab eventually reached Syria and this was the reason that lit the powder keg in Syrians to take action against the Government and protest for the resignation of the President.

Arab Spring refers to a democratic rise that arose in Arab and afterwards originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and moved towards the countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. People started to use social media to protest. The Google Executive made a Facebook page named as “We are All Khalid Said” after an Egyptian protestor was killed by the police. The page included over 100,000 people who were protesting against the Egypt’s Police. The page was supposed to include only 50,000 protestors but the number grew to over 1 lac protestors. The use of newspaper was also in motion to let the people know about the current conditions. As the Arab Spring was a great success, the people of Syria also admired the idea of the protest as the Government of Syria was also harsh and Syrians were facing harsh retaliations from the Government.

Graffiti in Dara’a

For many Syrians, the story of war began with graffiti in Dara’a. In March 2011, 15 Syrian kids were arrested and badly tortured for writing graffiti about the Arab Spring and one of the boys was killed. The injustice with the schoolchildren and the murder of the small boy sparked a huge fire throughout Syria. Everyone started to demand the release of the children, and the demand for the freedom of all the citizens was heard. But the Government whose President was Bashar al-Assad, gave the answer to the protest very violently, arrested and killed many protestors. The people of Syria were shocked and angry and people started to protest for the resignation of Assad.

In the start the President Bashar-al-Assad seemed to fulfill the Syrians’ aspirations, but soon changes came in the country. Abu Ayyub al-Masri who was the leader of al-Qaeda i.e. a militant group, recalled “At a school in town, someone had written on the wall: ‘It’s your turn now Doctor,’ referring to Assad, the ophthalmologist.”

No one was taking the responsibility of writing the graffiti, and no one was ready to clean it up. Soon the Najib’s men arrived. They had to arrest someone so they started to collect the names of the students that were written on the wall, although, those names were written years ago, and arrested all those students whose names were on the wall and who were under 20 years of age.

Now, what happened to the teenage boys who were taken by the Najib’s men was the reason of the lure of Syrian war origin story. It was reported that the teenage students were beaten really bad, their fingernails were removed and they were tortured for weeks, and during this period the arrested student’s parents and friends visited the Najib’s Office, begging for the release of the innocent children. The Najib’s men treated the parents of the students so badly that they were told, “Forget your children. If you want children, make more children. If you don’t know how, bring us your women and we will make them for you”, wrote by Alia Malik in her Book ‘The Home That Was Our Country’.

One of the captured children was Mouawiya Syasneh who told that before the incident of graffiti, his life was like the life of every other European children like going to school, doing homework, playing with his friends and visiting relatives. But the Arab Spring was to immensely uprising that it was impossible to ignore it. He said, “We used to watch the news about the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. They used to write ‘Freedom,’ and ‘Down with the regime,’ so my friends and I spray-painted graffiti reading ‘Freedom’ and ‘Down with the regime,’ and ‘It’s your turn Doctor.’” He further explained that the regime officials came to my house at 4a.m, woke me up and handcuffed me. My parents were in shock but the officials said they would bring me back after a while. “It was terrifying,” he said. “At the police station, under torture and beating, I admitted to the spary-painting and graffiti with my friends.” They told that one of his friends had his figures broken due to the beatings. They remained in the prison for more than a month.

Foreign Interventions

What foreign powers want from Syrian War? The powers that oppose the Syrian Rebels and forces that are loyal to President Bashar-al-Assad are not only fighting with them but other countries have also intervened to fulfill their own interests. Other countries started to take part in the war, hence the situation became even worse. Some of the countries that took part in the war are:


Tehran has been one of Assad's most grounded benefactors, supporting follower powers with cash, weapons and knowledge. Iran has likewise sent military counselors from its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to Syria and coordinated contenders from Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based activist gathering upheld by Iran, which is additionally associated with the contention. It has additionally sorted out paramilitary state army from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to battle for the Assad routine. Iran has set up different bases in Syria, bringing worry up in Israel that Tehran intends to remain in Syria for a long time.

Iran and Syria had a common resistance settlement before the beginning of the Syria common war in 2011. Iran has tried to reinforce the Assad routine in its battle against different agitator groups, a large number of which are upheld Tehran's territorial opponents, for example, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Iran, which likewise backs Shiite volunteer army in Iraq battling the 'Islamic State,' sees the Syrian war as a bleeding edge against Sunni activist gatherings and as a way to extend its provincial impact. The Assad routine enables Iranian guide to stream to Hezbollah, a noteworthy territorial military power and foe of Israel.


Moscow went to Assad's guide in late 2015, sending several troops and going about as the routine's aviation based armed forces. Russian authorities state it targets fear based oppressor associations like 'Islamic State' (IS). Yet, Russian aircraft have likewise struck other enemy of Assad gatherings, changing the tide of the war in the routine's support. As a veto-using UN Security Council part, Russia has likewise given the Syrian routine discretionary spread. Close by Iran and Turkey, Moscow has looked to locate a political end to the contention parallel to UN talks in Geneva.

Moscow needs to verify its impact in the Middle East by keeping Assad in office and keeping up a significant military air base in the western territory of Latakia and a maritime base in the port city of Tartus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin additionally seems to need to support Russian esteem and impact in the Middle East to the detriment of the United States, which it faults for making precariousness.

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh has given cash and weapons to Syrian restriction powers, including some Islamist activist gatherings, for example, the Army of Islam. It has likewise assumed a restricted job in US-drove worldwide alliance against IS.

Saudi Arabia, a dominant part Sunni nation, restricts Iran's endeavors to extend its impact in the Middle East. Riyadh needs to supplant Assad with a genius Saudi, against Iranian pioneer.


Turkey had a decent association with Syria in the mid-2000s. Since the flare-up of the common war, Turkey has upheld non-Kurdish Syrian resistance bunches looking to topple Assad. Turkey has permitted restriction contenders, including jihadist aggressors, to enter the fight over the Turkish-Syrian outskirt. Notwithstanding battling IS, the Turkish military and its agitator partners have directed two activities in northern Syria against the Kurds and cut out a zone of impact.

Turkey initially tried to topple the Assad routine by support different revolutionary gatherings. After Russia interceded in Syria in 2015, Turkey has concentrated more on keeping Syrian Kurds from picking up self-sufficiency in northern Syria. Ankara fears that Kurdish increases could encourage the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has battled an over multi decade insurrection against Turkey. Ankara considers the US-supported Syrian Kurds as a fear monger bunch attached to the PKK. Around 3 million Syrian exiles are in Turkey and Ankara tries to counteract new displaced person streams and cut out safe zones in northern Syria to house evacuees.


What it's done: Israel has propelled airstrikes against the Lebanese Shiite civilian army Hezbollah and Iranian focuses in Syria, particularly speculated weapons shipments and bases. It has likewise upheld a few littler renegade gatherings and Druze along the outskirt in the Golan Heights to make a cushion zone.

Israel needs to keep Iran from building up a political and military nearness on its northern doorstep. Israel likewise needs to rollback Hezbollah in Syria so as to keep it from framing a more extensive northern front, nearby its fundamental benefactor Iran.

Hezbollah and Israel last battled a war in 2006, yet from that point forward the gathering has turned out to be more grounded. Israeli knowledge gauges Hezbollah has progressively 100,000 rockets stored, including advance rockets given by Iran, that in case of a war with Israel would invade its rocket safeguard framework and have the option to strike urban communities to the extent southern Israel.

United States

The US has driven a universal alliance battling IS with airstrikes also, uncommon powers since 2014. It has likewise given air backing and weapons to resistance bunches in northern Syria, including Kurdish powers contradicted to Turkey, a US partner in NATO. Washington has additionally conveyed around 2000 uncommon powers to battle nearby the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a blended Kurdish and Arab power responsible for around 25 percent of Syrian domain.

Washington's preeminent expressed objective has been the devastation of IS and other radical gatherings in Syria. US strategy toward Assad is less clear. Trump's ancestor, Barack Obama, said 'Assad must go.' Apart from its resistance to the Syrian government's utilization of synthetic weapons, the Trump organization's situation on Assad's future is increasingly questionable. The US likewise looks to rollback Iranian impact in Syria.

The U.S. President Barack Obama stated in 2011 speech. He said:

“The Syrian government must stop shooting demonstrators and allow peaceful protests; release political prisoners and stop unjust arrests; allow human rights monitors to have access to cities like Dara ’a; and start a serious dialogue to advance a democratic transition Otherwise, President Assad and his regime will continue to be challenged from within and isolated abroad,”.

On July 2011, Syrian rebels established the Free Syrian Army (FSA) whose main purpose was to fight against Assad. All the rebels who were against Assad joined FSA and started to take part in the war.


What it's done: Germany has flown reconnaissance flights over a Syrian area to help airstrikes against IS. Berlin has likewise approached Russia and Iran to induce Assad to leave office in any harmony bargain. Germany is a noteworthy funder of compassionate guide to Syrian exiles.

Berlin likewise needs to see the annihilation of IS, which has done fear assaults in Europe. It has likewise contradicted the Assad routine. German authorities have said there can be no enduring harmony in Syria if Assad stays in power.


France at first sent medicinal supplies and weapons to resistance powers. In 2015, it started airstrikes against IS that heightened after an IS fear assault in Paris in November 2015. French exceptional powers are conveyed on the ground close by US uncommon powers backing the SDF. Paris has additionally cautioned Assad against utilizing compound weapons.

Paris needs to overcome IS after a series of IS-connected psychological militant assaults in France. French President Emmanuel Macron said in 2017 his nation would never again condition harmony chats on a guarantee by Assad to leave office.

Drought That Happened in Syria

Even before the war broke out and the murder of the schoolchildren, many were already against Assad and reported that they were unsatisfied with the Government and its incompetency, the lack of freedom and general condition of their country. The Presidency of Assad started in the year 2000 after the death of his father. Assad was accused of many murders of political opponents throughout his presidency. The bad economy of the country, the lack of employment, corruption and below average precipitation issues were also the reason of the increased frustration in the people living under Assad’s rule.

Religious Difference

Another possible reason that sprayed the spirit on the burning flames was intense religious atmosphere in the country. The Syrians who are mostly Sunni Muslims, yet the government is handled by the Shia Muslim. The differentiation between the two groups increases the urge of war in both.


The Syrian government is backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah (a militia group based in Lebanon) and the protestors and fighters are backed by United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and many other western countries.

Syrians During War

People of Syria are facing many hardships during this war. Many people lose lives and many lose their loved ones. Children, men, women and elders are killed every day. According to a survey almost 1.5 million people are left with disabilities in which 86,000 who lost limbs. Almost 6.2 million Syrians are displaced internally while 5.6 million left the country and migrated to other countries. 55% of the population is uprooted form their houses. The neighbor countries of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are hosting 93% of them and are having struggles to handle such large number of refugees which is referred as the largest refugee exoduses in recent history (according to BBC).

Conclusions and Recommendations

Where Have All the Syrian Refugees Gone

Would harmony be able to be re-established among Syrians after the blazes of war are quenched? Would they be able to beat disdain and feelings of resentment following six years of battling a standout amongst the most terrible common wars?

Mashari Althaydi said:

“As the leader of the state, he’s responsible for guarding social peace and for maintaining the country’s unity and deterring invaders. However, he brought sectarian gangs from across the world and handed over the country to Iranian invaders and allowed the Russians to intervene.”

The significant criminal behind this is the Assad routine. As the pioneer of the express, he's in charge of guarding social harmony and for keeping up the nation's solidarity and deflecting trespassers. But that he, he brought partisan groups from over the world and gave over the nation to Iranian intruders and enabled the Russians to intercede. The routine sowed the seeds of common hardship and permitted carnage and robbery and caused the relocation of a huge number of Syrians.

Syrian’s Unity

Another important factor that can be the basis of the freedom of the Syrian people is the unity of its civilians. From the last 8 years, Syrian’s have been stayed remarkably united and have fought against the President with sheer determination of getting their freedom, justice, equality and better social life back. If the unity of its people is broken, the Syrians would be suppressed more harshly than before and they would lose their integrity.

Save Children Of Syria

The contention in Syria has crushed the lives of an age of youngsters. A large number of Syria's youngsters have missed long stretches of their training, with 2.1 million kids in Syria right now out of school. As we enter year eight of the contention, it could really compare to ever that we demonstrate the offspring of Syria they are not overlooked. For the 6.2 million individuals as of now inside uprooted in Syria and the 5.6 million Syrian displaced people with no spot to call home, we should keep battling for a future as a whole offer.

Archeologists Saving Syria

There are many archeologists who are trying to save Syria. Ali and Furati go through almost two hours speech discussing how their associations could cooperate. They might want to unite to archive the present condition of the Dead Cities in the Limestone Massif in northwest Syria, a gathering of 700 deserted settlements dating from the first to the seventh hundreds of years. 'On the off chance that we had a complete review we would most likely arrangement our best course of action,' clarifies Ali. Building defensive structures, for instance, or inevitably reestablishing the destinations.

Ali jots numbers in his scratch pad, and Furati figures it out. The pre-historian gauges that they would require about €180,000 ($135,000) to dispatch the undertaking. They have to pay the activists, and they likewise need vehicles and materials. 'At that point we'd truly have the option to have any kind of effect,' says Ali, in spite of the fact that he looks none excessively hopeful.

Saving Syria: the Islamic Point Of View

Islam is a complete guideline for all of the humanity, so we surely can take help from the teachings of Islam in order to save Syria. Allah (SW) said:

“And O my people, give full measure and weight in justice and do not deprive the people of their due and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.”

Another Ayah is mentioned as:

“Oh you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is acquainted with what you do.”

Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“He who sees from his ruler something he dislikes, let him be patient with him, for he who splits away from the Jamah by a handspan and then dies, dies a death of Jaahiliyyah' and in a narration, 'then he has thrown off the yoke of Islam from his neck.”

In the event that an Imam (pioneer) or Amir (ruler) ends up degenerate he should initially be given a call to Islam (accommodation) in private, or potentially in broad daylight if his shrewd deeds were done out in the open. In the event that he doesn't get some distance from his insidious deeds, he ought to be toppled or expelled from position. Be that as it may, during the time spent expelling him from position, he ought not to be physically battled, for example, taking up arms with weapons. This is on the grounds that the ruler is as yet Muslim, and the Muslims are not to assault or murder another Muslim. Assuming, in any case, the Muslim chief or ruler totally forsakes his Salat, he invalidates his Islam and can be battled if fundamental. Be that as it may, to demonstrate this, it would take an Islamic court or comparative circumstance wherein the individual could guard themselves against all allegations.


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09 March 2021
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