Building Trust Through Community Pantry System

Everyone knows the term 'pandemic', not only its definition, but also its impact on everyone. We know how difficult it is to survive and we are still experiencing it today. To survive, we need someone's help. The help everyone is waiting for comes from the government. But if our government does not take action to help us, what will we do? Are we still alive? Can we overcome these difficulties? This is a question that some people have been thinking about. Therefore, some organizations are trying to help other organizations, such as owning a community food pantry. This is community pantry essay in which the author briefly explains the essence of the topic.

Many people can maintain their daily expenses by purchasing necessities. We can proudly say that Community Pantry is the perfect culmination of the altruism, compassion and spirit of the Bavarians. However, although the pantry is to provide everyone with what they need, we cannot abuse what they want to provide. This is different from the viral behavior of women who took all egg trays. Maybe she really needed him at the time, so her behavior may be reckless in the eyes of others. We must understand it because we do not understand its history. In other respects, taking the right actionsreactions to these activities is much better than simply taking advantage of these activities and abusing them. Praise is accompanied by criticism, and the problem of community pantry can be politicized. Critics believe that they have politicized community gatherings to complain about the government's negligence and ignore the noble intentions and 'Bavarian' spirit behind these measures. Some people question the viability or sustainability of these cars. When we see Filipinos fighting for 'help' and hoarding basic needs, some people can easily equate extreme needs with greed. 

Community Pantry operates on a system of trust that encourages donors to do their best, while recipients only accept what they need. To some extent, this is true: in fact, all Filipino politicians can donate and benefit from this pantry. However, how to deny that the conditions that lead to this hunger and this universal demand are political? After all, without coordinated community action and some degree of organization, the community pantry may not be immune to abuse and fatigue, and longevity cannot be guaranteed. However, the truth is that these behaviors can mean life or death for some people. The Community Pantry is a way for individuals and private groups to try to save the government from dealing with unemployment and hunger.

10 October 2022
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