The Analysis Of Message In The End Of Daisy Miller

The excerpt is taken from Henry James’s novella entitled « Daisy miller » which appeared during the American realism as part of genteel tradition movement . It’s a story of a young American lady named daisy miller who traveled around Europe with her mother and her younger brother, Randolph, where she met Winterbourne her protector. She was a spontaneous, mysterious girl and this free spirited brash American living in the uptight European society. She doesn’t care about people’s opinion but this turns on her.

This passage talks about the meeting of Winterbourne with Randolph and his sister daisy miller in a garden where he was charmed by the beauty of daisy .The events take place At a hotel in the resort town of Vevey, Switzerland which daisy the round character the pretty girl from New York she goes with her mom and 9 yr old brother to Europe on vacation. She is not a very innocent girl. While in Europe she acts like a bold American, flirting with the boys and hooking up with them. Winterbourn is a round character. He’s a handsome 27 yr old guy. He is in Europe visiting his aunt. Even though he is American, Winterbourn grew up in Europe so he is a little more refined than Daisy Miller. He really likes Daisy Miller and never believes that she is a bad girl until the end.randolph is a round character and daisy’s brother who came from New York with his mother .the event of the passage are narrated from the third point of view because the author used (she/he) and it’s omniscient the author knows everything about the characters.The author uses some figures of speech to make the story more vivid .example of these include metaphor 'while he attacked a second lump of sugar » here the sugar refers to a prey that will be attacked by an animal .the atmosphere in this passage is nice with happiness . The symbols here is the name of the character « daisy » that mean a beautiful flower .this passage does not contain fresh words so there is no register.

To conclude the message that we learned at the end of the novella is that when a person tries to be against the European society he will pay the consequences.daisy was just natural spontaneous as all the American girls she tried to be herself to not change just for a society but unfortunatly it returns on her . 

07 July 2022
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