The Analysis of the Biography Profile of Will Smith

American actor Will Smith. This dope guy draws my attention because I feel as though he has a success story that qualify him to be where he is in life today. I notice how he use every gift and talents given to him to the upmost. From a rapper to an actor and many more careers he has seize and enjoyed every moment of opportunity given to him and he did not sink or fail but through life’s storms he held his head up and keep pressing to achieve another goal.

Will Carroll Smith Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1968 to Willard C. Smith, Sr., the proprietor of a refrigeration company, and Caroline, a member of the 'School Board of Philadelphia', in Pennsylvania. Will was raised and grew up with his elder sister, Pamela Smith as well as his younger twin siblings, Ellen and Harry Smith. As a child Will was very smart in school but often recognized for his bright personality. When he gets in trouble or called on in the classroom, he would use his charm to get a “get out of jail free card”.

When will was in West Philadelphia’s Wynnefield Neighborhood, he was known for being a charming happy-go-lucky kid. He was often called “Prince” by those you recognized how with he was to escape trouble immediately when he got into something. Even from a child, Will loved music. He watched how his mother played the piano and eventually caught on and learned how to play. He taught himself how to play drums.

Will Smith had his middle school education at the strict Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, despite his family's observation of the Baptist faith. After his parents parted ways, he continued his education through high school and graduated with the class of 1986 at Overbrook High School at which he was most recently induced into the High school’s Hall of Fame. In high school, his precociousness sometimes got him in trouble, but his charm, good-natured personality, quick-wittedness, good looks, and award-winning smile easily got him off the hook, and he soon won the nickname, “Prince.” It has been rumored that Smith turned down a scholarship to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). However, he never applied because he wanted to rap. Smith was a good student with high SAT scores, and was admitted to a “pre-engineering program” at MIT. Smith has reported that he never had intentions of attending college.

On completing high school, Will decided to pursue music as a career, instead of attending college. At the age of 16, Smith joined together with Jeff Townes and the aspiring rapper called himself 'The Fresh Prince', and formed a group with DJ Jeff, and another friend, beat boxer, Ready Rock C. Will and his new friends rapped about the teenage life in songs that weren’t full with profanity but were songs that teenagers then and even now might can relate too. Will smith and his group quickly climb the charts hitting the Billboard Top 200. Smith became very rich at a young age. During the 1980s, the popular singer fell into trouble with the 'Internal Revenue Service', after paying less than the stipulated tax. As a result of $2.8 million of unpaid taxes, his possessions were confiscated, and Will almost went bankrupt.

While Will’s financial bankruptcy threat tried to weigh him down yet another door of opportunity and finance opened up for him. He was hired for a sitcom titled 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', in 1990, by the NBC broadcasting network. With the success of the TV program, which was about himself, Smith gained recognition as an actor. Fresh Prince may have made Smith a household name, but his movie career made him millions. In 1996, the actor starred in Independence Day, where he helped defend the world against an alien invasion. The following year, Smith starred opposite Tommy Lee Jones in another alien film, Men in Black. He followed that up in 1998 with Enemy of the State.

07 July 2022
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