The Analysis Of Two Fridas

I find this piece so interesting because there are two Fridas portrayed in the picture where you can see the one on the left is giving her life to the right ones. This art portrayed the true meaning of life where it shows that no matter how weak you are, no matter how bad situations you are dealing in your life, you only have the choice to come back stronger, beautiful, and bold. You can definitely turn over the worst days of your life into the best days by dealing with the complications. That’s totally my view regarding the picture. But, according to the description written in the resources which were provided for this week, it says that it expressed Frida’s desperation and loneliness with the separation from Diego..

This painting was completed when Frida’s got divorced with Diego Rivera, her husband to whom she loved unconditionally. It is related to Frida's life because she is dying herself in one picture, where she is cutting the main artery by the surgical pincers, and the blood dripping in her shows that her life would end soon. So, through that picture, she wanted to mention to the world that that’s the pain she wanted to show what it felt to be departed from your loved ones or your better half. That’s the loneliness and frustrations. And, in another picture, she portrayed herself as a beautiful girl who had dressed up in a modern way which pretty much showed that she could held strong and beautiful no matter how bad situations she needed to face in her life.

The White dressed Frida is losing all her hope of her life but the one in blue tops and long skirt dressed Frida is full of hope and she seems to be very beautiful and strong. She chose the white-dressed strongly because you can see the blood dripping very clearly in white dresses or you can easily spot strains in white clothes. She could have used other colors but she chose white on purpose so that the viewers can see blood dripping from the cut of the main artery. The black clouds resemble the emotional pain and the suffering she is dealing with. The two Frida’s are connected through the artery where white dressed Frida’s heart is cut and torn open whereas modern dressed Frida’s heart looks fine and healthy. She went through the pain but she literally showed that she is not weak but she gave rise to new Frida with all hope and believe in herself. The separation from her husband is truly devastating but she believed that her best friend and the person who knows her the best is herself.

I couldn’t see any unusual images in the picture. But, what I have seen is Frida’s traditional costume in the picture which shows the indigenous dress from Tehuana, Mexico. It shows how proud she is regarding her cultures and her native land. 

07 July 2022
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