The Benefits Of Being An Introvert In The Perks Of Being A Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky

Many people do believe that being a wallflower is all negative. However, there is much evidence in the book that says otherwise. In the text, you will get to know the main person by the name of Charlie who is described in the novel as a kid who instead of being an extroverted individual, is the more analytical introverted person who instead of engaging with everyone he just listens. In other words, Charlie is the “wallflower”. In the teen drama novel, The perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, they bring out the topic of being a “wallflower” and there is evidence of there being benefits with it. For instance, it makes Charlie see one’s truest form, it helps him gain the trust of other people by being a good listener and by having a passive personality and it gives him unique and likable traits.

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It makes Charlie see one’s truest form. As a wallflower, you see how people genuinely are at different moments. You pay attention and observe things most people won’t ever notice because most only focus on what’s right in front of them. As a Wallflower, you distance yourself from the moment. You start to analyze and observe different people whether they’re doing drugs, fight, have a conversation or dance. When you distance yourself from a crowd as Charlie does at parties, you get a whole new and better perspective than being in the actual moment. A new perspective on the ones around you.

It helps Charlie gain the trust of other people by being a good listener and by having a passive personality. Charlie frequently gets confidential information throughout the book by both friends and family all because he’s exceptional at listening. One day, Charlie and his whole family were watching the last episode of “Mash”, suddenly his dad goes to make a sandwich in one of the final moments of the episode. Charlie goes to check up on his dad and sees him crying in the kitchen, the father sees Charlie and says, “this is our little secret, okay, champ?”. This is one of the only people who unquestionably value Charlie’s ability to keep personal information to himself. Another instance of this occurring was when Charlie caught Patrick and Brad making out. They were in a homosexual relationship and Brad didn’t want anybody to know, because of his reputation of being the fearless, strong and athletic quarterback and being gay would destroy that for good. Patrick then says to Charlie “listen, Charlie. Brad doesn’t want people to know. I need you to promise that you won’t tell anyone. This will be our little secret. Okay?”. The arguments over proves that Charlie’s unique and passive personality undoubtedly helps him gain the trust of others resulting in long-lasting relationships.

Being a wallflower truly benefits Charlie with unique and likable traits. A great example of this is that someone like Sam notices Charlie. I do believe that the one reason Sam took interest in Charlie is that he is a wallflower because she certainly admires that his not like everybody else. Sam also picks up on his sweet and sensitive personality. Another argument is that most people assume that Charlie is a friendly guy without even having the real evidence to back it. Like when Charlie went to a football game alone and met Patrick and Sam for the first time, Patrick instantly says when Charlie approaches them “Hey, you’re in my shop class!” and tells Sam that he is a very friendly person without even haven talked to him before this current moment, and both told him to have a seat.

Charlie does get great and unique perks from being a wallflower which does help him embrace who he truly is. Chbosky truly hits the nail on its head by showing the reader that being the extroverted kid who doesn’t say much isn’t always a bad thing. By Charlie embracing who he is he can see one’s truest form and see how people truly are in different moments. Also, Charlie gains the trust of people which leads him to have a lot more friends and being invited to parties, and his unique and likable traits make him a respected individual. Charlie demonstrates how a wallflower could live their life to the fullest. Taking advantage of who you are and by doing so, make friends, and having others trust you fully. Embracing being a wallflower, not a doormat. 

10 Jun 2021

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