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The Benefits Of Implementation Of Modern It Systems For A Business

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Having better IT systems will have a huge impact on the employees. This is because the computers will be running at high speed and will have a positive impact on the company. It will be easier for the employees to work on fast computers, making their jobs and finishing their work a lot faster and easier.

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There will be new software releases available all the time. There are also some vendors that can deliver it through via the cloud, yet some of these companies failed to keep their software up to data. This is why IBM would like to introduce cloud computing to these companies in the Nordic region. This would benefit the companies in the Nordic region a lot because they have demanded for the cloud technologies. Norwegian IT supplier has invested a large amount of money to IBM, they need to prove to the investors that the cloud computing will help them in many ways in the country.

From large enterprises, medium and small sized enterprises also the startups in the region, there will come a time where you would have to upgrade your IT systems. Here are reasons why these companies need to upgrade their IT system in the organization:

Better Security

Upgrading the IT systems, you will have better security (better security checking). Ageing systems are not secure, it is not actively checked. Old systems are more vulnerable to theft, the information is easily stolen. Newer technology will have a better security compare the older versions. This will benefit your computer by upgrading the software to protect it from the threat posed by the hackers and malware. IT security industry will have to find a way to reduce this threat, these users will benefit from the current security tools that they have upgraded.

Having better security will help the companies in the Nordic region from hackers and malware from getting into the system. By having better security, you will have the privileged access into the data of the users(employees and the insiders.


A warranty is a document that will guarantee repair to ensure that the service and quality of the good is up to the condition that it promised. The warranties will legally ensure that the service will be replacing the issues that the warranty stated in the conditions of the document, the document will be a proof that it will guarantee repair and make sure that the quality of service or good is in high quality.

IT systems that are more than 4-5 years usually are no longer under warranty, which will be a disaster for the business if something wrong went happen to the system. It is better to update it and it will be easier to fix and get it up running compare to a 5 year old computer system where there would be a lot of work to be done.

Increased productivity

For developing the IT systems, productivity is important. The cost, service and quality, are the contribution for the productivity in the business. When you update your IT systems, you would have faster hard drives, more processors and faster CPUs. The older systems are slower and outdated from the newer systems. Old systems will take a lot of time to process the workloads of the company, this means that it will take time to do work in the company, the employees will be demotivated to do work and take up time which is costly to the company because – time is money.

It will increase the productivity of the staff because you have updated the software of the computers, it will make the computer even faster thus increasing the productivity of the employees in the company. By updating the company’s IT systems, you are able to remove any laziness of the employees or you can get rid of the motivation killers in the company, they are more motivated to do work since they are able to do the work with ease.

With upgrading the IT systems and using the cloud computing, they are able to communicate with each other efficiently and effectively, communication is an important role in the companies, no matter how large, small or medium size it is. Communication is always needed in the company. With upgrading it, this will make it easier to communicate either with people outside of the country or people from other departments in the company.

Reduced power usage

Electricity has become more expensive, with newer servers and computers, you will be able to save money for your company. The new computers typically uses less power than the old ones.


IT systems will start to slow down when the employees want to use it for the work purposes, the system tend to slow down or will start crashing when you are about to use it. It starts being unreliable when your computers could not handle the simple updates of the software (Software Updates). The Network is not able to overcome the web jam or traffic.


Staffs will need the proper equipment for the workers to use in the company. The time that you get the complaint, this means that the technology in the company is already struggling with the computer systems and how slow it is.

Customer Service

IT systems will help improve your company a lot, it can also improve the customer service in many different ways. Customer service is important in the company. IT will be used to set up all the facilities of E-commerce, this will make it more easier and convenient for the consumers or customers to have business with the company. By upgrading the company’s IT systems, you are able to keep updated with the customer’s information, and creating a database of the customers in order to improve the customer service.

Storing data in the cloud

Having to store your company or personal data, you are able to keep the information safe in the clouds. More and more companies from the other countries are using this kind of cloud computing, these are the newest it developments with cloud computing, you are able to save the information without involving or disturbing any space in the workplace or at home.

18 May 2020

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