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The Causes Of Divorce

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Divorce among married couples is more popular than ever in today’s day and age. Webster’s specified divorce is the formal breakup of a relationship. Statistics show that the major causes of divorces are: infidelity, lack of communication, lack of commitment, and financial problems.

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A lack of commitment is the first major cause of divorce. They deliver their initial commitment to the marriage when a couple decides to get married. Feeling committed to a relationship means that with every major decision you make, you’re talking about both of you. Failure to commit triggers a marriage breakdown when one or both of the parties begin to wander away from the relationship and begin to take their partners for granted.

A lack of communication is the other cause of divorce. The lack of communication is a major problem and can seriously hamper the relationship. If couples are unable to express their emotions and desires effectively, they are emotionally and physically isolated from each other. Some people don’t make time to talk to each other. When a problem begins, which when overlooked can soon become a bigger issue. If couples are unable to adequately overcome their marital woes, it can turn into a disagreement, occasionally conflicts, or even struggles. The lack of communication in a marriage, particularly when children are involved, can cause damage to the relationships and can also lead to divorce.

Financial issues are another cause of divorce. Money or financial aspects are a possible cause of conflict between partners, of course. It may be the source of all marriage problems. Spouses may disagree about issues such as mutual financial responsibility, unequal financial status, unrevealed financial state, and lack of financial support and debt. Married couples who live paycheck to paycheck struggle with the pressure of not making enough money for their family to survive. Addictions such as drug use and alcohol use may be other factors why couple divorces because of constant, futile spending of money.

Another reason that couples decide to divorce is infidelity. Infidelity leads to divorce and is probably the most harmful thing that a marriage can do. It’s also one of the most common issues faced by married couples. Infidelity is typically the result of marriage problems. Cheating could leave all partners in a relationship with a feeling of frustration, anger and grief. Divorce rates appear to be quite high after a relationship with studies showing about half ending in divorce with many spouses feeling a sense of betrayal.

In conclusion, before agreeing to get married, it is very important to consider all the possible negative effects of divorce and to understand full responsibility when deciding to stay together. I hope that the divorce situation will improve quickly and that marriage and family relationships will be more positive for people.

07 September 2020

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