The Changes Brought By The Civil War In America

The civil war happened during 1861 and 1865 which lasted 4 years. It officially began in April and continued through April 9, 1861. This war is one of the most important wars in history, also known as the states war. Maily over slavery, but also because of the uncompromising differences from the North and South.

The South created their own self-government due to their lack of state rights. This war may have allowed America to become its own country. Furthermore, this war could have ended slavery in southern states.

Many of the allegations during the time of war were because of slavery. Dealing from how slavery would be handled to how the South would secede from the north. This war had to be the deadliest war, killing approximately 700,000. Not only from being wounded but diseases took over at this time.

Many people caught a disease which often resulted in death. The soldiers had to go through this difficult time without any anesthesia. Diseases being Malaria, typhoid and pneumonia. These diseases were the predominant illnesses during the time of the civil war.

Those who passed away were buried where they fell or often near hospitals. Some were even taken to Confederate cemeteries but since their were to many bodies there are some many unknown bodies in the battlefield graves. There were so many bloody wars, one happening to be the “Gettysburg” war.

The battle of Gettysburg war happened to kill around 51,000 people. This war was fought from July the 1st to July 3 1863. It was also considered one of the most important engagements of the Civil War.

The north was well industrialized and the south depended heavily on agriculture. Which led to the north being prepared and the south not so good. The north could construct better guns to cannons. They could also create ships to prevete the south to receive help from other countries.

The north’s population was greater than the south’s population. Many people of the south were not supportive of this war. African Americans were allowed to fight, they fought for their Union. Both free and runaway slaves volunteered in the civil war. Which resulted in the North to have an even larger population than the South. This made the North appear bigger and victorious.

If you were wondering how the army was organized it was split by sections. The largest section of an army was the corps. Which then often divided into two or more divisions. They each composed of brigades. The brigades were made up of two or more rigaments. Then these rigaments contained companies of ten of 100 men, but often near 30.

The white union got paid about thirteen dollars a month or until they got a raise. Some ended up with as little as no pay. Other eleven dollars, sixteen dollars, one hundred dollars. It all depended on their organization. On their free time soldiers spent their time writing letters or playing board games.

The North nor the South ate well, they sometimes ate pork or beef. Sometimes they were able to have dried fruit or veggies if they were in the season or whatever could be collected. They also were able to have bread and coffee. There were so many soldiers that the station did not really focus on taste but quantity. They tried to make sure that each of their soldiers had some food to eat.

However, by the end of the war some soldiers were dealing with starvation. Which meant that their families starved too. According to the document I read many soldiers died after being freed. Like I previously stated they died from diseases and starvation.

In addition, some people saw that these soldiers were starving to death and did not care about their health, food supplies were limited. In the document I believe that the author who wrote it really took into consideration and felt indeed sentimental. One way to escape from this were if you agreed to go back to work, which then the soldiers escaped from there.

I chose to write about the civil war because it made America the way it is today. This war also accomplished many things. For example the Civil War abolished slavery. By the time the civil war was over, states like Tennessee, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia had already abollished slavery.

Another pro that came out of this was the growth of enterprise, it led to many changes. Spokesmans of the big enterprises had to enforce the policies of the federal government. Which led to the industrialist to make more profit.

The last achievement I thought was a good pro was the regulation of banking system. In 1863, when the Congress passed the national Banking System Act. This act really helped out the nationwide business.

Therefore, many good things did come out of this war. The outcome of the war brought some good into the lives of many people, especially the lives of slaves. This is why I chose to write over the Civil War because it had great effects. Even though the time of the war was difficult and many soldiers lost their lives and families. The changes it made were very life changing.

07 September 2020
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