The Civilized Countries of the World are 'Inactively' Supporting the Civil War in Yemen

The civil war in Yemen began in the late 2014 when the rebellious Houthi-Saleh dominated Sanaa, Yemen's capital. The Yemeni military surrounded the Houthi-controlled port, Hodeidah, with help from the United Arab Emirates as an attempt to destroy the rebellion. Hodeidah is a port in which transports humanitarian aid to the approximately 16 million starving Yemenis. Without the aid, millions of Yemenis face starvation and an immense destitution. As of November 2018, 6,872 civilians have been killed along with 10,768 wounded mainly from aimless air strikes. The majority of air strikes are from Saudi Arabia along with the US providing fuel for these indiscriminate air strikes. Many schools, hospitals, and homes are the victims of the fighting between the Houthi and Yemen's original government along with their allies. Not only are the homes of the Yemeni being destroyed, in one of Yemen's cities.

In the many cities of Yemen such as Aden, the citizens or migrants are beaten, raped, and put in detention centers along with children as young as 12 being enlisted for the war. Not only are the guards abusive, but there is also a disease spreading throughout Yemen, killing over 2,000 people and infecting another 540,000 citizens. Those who suffer from starvation are more prone to fall victim to Cholera. Abdullah, a displaced citizen of Yemen, who suffers from Cholera, says 'This war has left us with nothing.' David Beasley, the executive of the UN's World Food Programme, says 'Food and aid should be weapons of peace and not used as weapons of war. If these cranes do not make it in, hundreds of thousands of Yemeni children will die.' They believe that there is a bigger problem rather than figuring out Yemen's government. The Yemeni people are starving and dying because of this unimaginable, needlessly man-made humanitarian crisis.

The civil war is supported internationally by many other countries such as the US, UK, and France. These countries have not claimed to have been involved in the Yemeni Civil War however, it has been reported by the Human Rights Watch that they have had involvement in supplying the coalition attacks in Yemen. By doing this, they are avoiding the blame of providing for the indiscriminate attacks and violence. The United States has supplied the air strikes with refueling and intelligence reports but have recently stopped air-refueling the coalition attacks on November 9, 2018. The UK have also contributed training and weaponry to the war. The US, UK, and France have all sold ammunition and other weaponry/arms to Saudi Arabia and other allied armed groups. Despite these countries' involvement, some are now taking legal action to stop supporting the acts which are causing one of the worst humanitarian disasters.

29 April 2022
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