The Concept Of The Stroop Effect

Have you ever noticed when we see an object we do not just see its physical properties, but we think about the meaning of it. The stroop effect is a testing method to see how the environment impacts people's actions. It allows researchers to see how our brains react, and allow them to monitor the speed. The Stroop Effect can also be used to determine the severity of sickness, as well as schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and other common mental disorders which are all currently being researched. This test reveals how our minds can surprise us in our everyday lives because they can help us see, they can trick us, and they can tell us how we are feeling that day.

Our minds can do many different things, but one of the most important things is letting us see. Our minds can control what our eyes can see and can not see. How it works is, the different signals enter the brain through the thalamus, which then separates into two parts therefore sending a message to the back of the brain which allows a detailed image to be constructed. The majority of the cells in a human eye is located in the center of the retina. When light is focused on this point, it shows a vivid color image in our eyes, which sends images to our brain.

When our minds trick us into seeing things, do you ever wonder why and what is really happening to your body? During this testing method, while looking at both the color and the word, ones brain starts to get confused which then causes a conflict. It is like something has interfered with one's mind, causing them to make a decision. Interference occurs when they try and focus on the color, while being able to see the word too. This shows that people are not always in control of what one can pay attention to, therefore is why people use the Stroop Effect to method of research.

Now our minds can do many things, but they can also tell a story. Every person can tell a story just on how their emotions are that day. There is a strong link between good mental health, and good physical health, but once that slips then one has a problem. The Stroop Effect is helping people try and overcome their anxiety, by teaching people how to manage their stress for a safer, and more manageable day. Our minds can do many things for us, but without researchers, how would we know about any of this. 

16 August 2021
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