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The Construction Of Tesco

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Welcome, My name is Janet Brown. I am a mother of two and today I have here to speak to you about the construction of Tesco in Banbury. I believe that Tesco will have a tremendous impact on Banbury and will help shape a better future for our children. Ladies and Gentlemen, for many years our memorial garden has been the heart of Banbury, but is it time to move on? Is the memorial garden helping us financially? No. Do we need to be helped financially? Yes. I believe if Tesco is built it could create so many job opportunities in our town and give people financial independence. Unemployment is a serious problem in this town. So many people are losing their homes as they can’t afford to pay for there rent making them go homeless which is leading to higher crime rates. As a mother of two, my children’s safety is of the utmost importance to me, but I don’t think that Banbury will be able to provide that safety if it doesn’t improve.

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A recent survey by the local college in Banbury indicates that 1 in 20 people are currently unemployed in the Banbury area. This is alarming as in the future I would want all the children in Banbury to find worthwhile employment and live happy lives. Without a doubt, the building of the Tesco supermarket will reduce unemployment in Banbury and I have faith you will side with this opinion. Another reason why I believe Tesco would be a crucial part of bettering Banbury is that it would attract an abundant amount of people to live here. I know this as people in other towns do not have access to an enormous international supermarket brand like Tesco right next to their doorstep. If more people were to live in Banbury there would be a great advance in the economy of this town. Companies would be able to manufacture goods at more sizable volumes and at a lower cost, accommodating an extensive number of low-income customers such as us.

As a mother of a low-income family, I find it very difficult to find prices for foods and everyday items that are in my range and in this town the cost of these items are unacceptable. Because of this, I am forced to drive long distances to be able to get prices that my family can afford just to fill my children’s stomachs. The amount of money I have to spend on fuel is ridiculous when all that money could be better spent on my children’s education and well being. Once, I had to walk for four hours to get to an affordable supermarket just because my car broke down. No should have to walk such a great distance so they can feed their children. Undoubtedly, this is the best way you and your children to live happily and I hope you agree with me.

Finally, the last reason why I am certain Tesco will improve our community in Banbury is that it will reduce the number of harmful gases that are produced by vehicles each year. All cars are powered by fossil fuels which are a significant contributor to air pollution. The gases which are given off by these transports are extremely harmful to the human body and is a major cause of global warming. For more information about this topic, I spoke to a renowned toxicologist Michael Winston. He stated that “ Air pollution can damage the immune system, endocrines, and reproductive system and many organs in the body it is also detrimental to children during pregnancy”. This is extremely disheartening as some of you might know I myself am pregnant and if anything would have happened to my child it would be tragic.

However, these horrible symptoms can be avoided if Tesco is built in Banbury. Because of the well-placed location of Tesco people would have to drive shorter distances to get their groceries which would mean air pollution produced by vehicles would be greatly minimized. Not only that but people might even start walking to the supermarket to lessen the cost they spend on fuel and improving their health. The building of Tesco is definitely the right action to take in creating a more eco-friendly Banbury. It is quite clear that if the construction of Tescos in the town is approved by our MP it could solve so many issues in our town. Such as unemployment, over-priced goods, global warming and so much more. All these problems can be resolved if Tesco is built in Banbury. Thank you.

18 March 2020

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