Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible: Difference Between Movie And Play

The story called the Crucible it is offered in a book and a movie. I n each version there are similarities and differences. I have discovered some along the way which I will be talking about. Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" the book uses the Salem witch trials to see what happens when someone accuses someone else of treason without having any proof. So let`s find some differences and similarities between book and film in "The Crucible: Difference Between Movie And Play Essay".

The first similarity between the book and movie is that it shows Reverend Parris’ greed for money. It shows he is also greedy for housing situations. Even though this is a similarity the movie portrays this image a little better. In this scene in the movie Reverend Parris is ranting about his yearly salary. When Hale walks through the door his behavior has completely changed. The next similarity is that Mary Warren attempts to tell the court that Abigail is lying. The girls follow Abigail’s example by looking/pointing at a “yellow bird”. Mary had screamed and the girls mimicked her to make it seem as if John Proctor forced her to falsely confess the girls were lying.

However, another similarity is that both the book and the movie portray Abigail in the manner. Abigail Williams has negative behavioral traits that include lying, deceit, spitefulness, jealousy and manipulation. Her actions wound up in nine-teen innocent people being hung. Two girls could not wake in both the film and story.

I have talked some of the similarities between both the book and the movie. There are a few differences between the two. One of them is taking place during Cheever’s visit to arrest Elizabeth. Even though Cheever comes for Elizabeth in both there are little differences occurring in the scene. Such as in the movie the kids are awake and crying for their mother to not be arrested. While in the book the kids were asleep and she tells John to tell them when they wake.

In the book there are five girls who were dancing in the woods. In the film there is twelve girls making love potions and then dancing in the woods. Another difference is in the movie where the girls were ganging up on Mary Warren in a separate room and in court. In the text they only gang up on her only in the courtroom. Also, when Abigail is about to run away she goes to John and convince him to go with her. In the book she never goes to visit him. Which means she never tried to convince John to run away with her. In general the two girls couldn’t wake but when Betty wakes up she cries out for her mother.

I thought the storyline, in general, was well written and performed. Both the versions had strong spot, as well as weak spots. In each version there are some things that were changed or added to one version and not to the other. For instance, a couple similarities are when they portray Abigail and Reverend Parris the same in both. Also, when Mary Warren tries to tell the court that Abigail and the girls were lying.

Some things that are changed are the events in Elizabeth’s arrest. In the book the kids were asleep and in the film they were watching and crying. Lastly, last but not least when Abigail is running away in the movie she pays a visit to John to try and convince him tang along with her. In the book Abigail just leaves and doesn’t try to get John to go with her. So, overall this story is showing us that anyone can be accused without any proof of any kind.

29 April 2020
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