The Depiction of My American Dream

The American dream is about having the opportunity for success. The American dream is also about freedom and living the life you want to live. This is my American dream, essay examples, where I will share personal dreams. So my American Dream is to have a nice house and have a fun life, to achieve this I will become a nurse.

First, To achieve my American Dream, I would like to become a nurse. There is education involved before I can become a nurse. To get the education needed for the job you must go to a college or university for four years. I would like to go to quinnipiac University. the annual tuition is $63,770. So for all four years it is $255,080. To get into this school you need to have graduated highschool and have at least a 3.4 gpa.

Second, After attending college there is on the job training. This includes clinicals and various other things. The nurse I interviewed, Jack Brower, who is an ER nurse at Morristown Medical Center said, “I went through countless clinical rotations, and had to pass the NCLEX. After I went through a six month residency before I was able to practice.” This shows the different requirements that must be completed before being able to practice as a nurse. There is also skills nurses need to be able to practice at the highest level possible. Nurses always need to be at their best because sometimes it is a matter of life or death. If a nurse messes up it could severely hurt or even kill their patients. During the interview Jack explained the skills needed to me, he said “You need to be decent at math for medications, you need to have an understanding of what most of the meds are and how they work on the body. You need to know the full anatomy of the human body as well. You should also have an understanding of microbiology and how infections work. You need to be able to deal with foul odors as well as be able to look at bodily fluids such as urine, blood, feces, and vomit. In addition, you need to know how to lead and also be able to work as a team with medical assistants and doctors as well as any other staff.” Some other skills needed are confidence, and compassion.

To continue this my American dream essay, the third is the earnings of nurses varies. In NJ the 2018 mean salary of registered nurses was $71,730. The salary of a nurse ranges depending on the work environment. Some of the possible environments are, for example, hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices. The expenses of becoming a nurse is just college. This can be financed by scholarships. Nurses also get good benefits. “Full-time registered nurses are eligible for comprehensive medical, dental, vision and prescription insurance. Malpractice insurance may also be provided. Many employers provide life insurance and long-term care insurance programs as well. Nurses accrue vacation time with each hour worked. The average nurse receives two weeks of paid vacation time per year Nurses are also eligible for retirement packages, such as a 401k or 403b. Nurses can determine how much money to deduct from each paycheck that will be deposited into retirement funds. Average sick time for nurses is about 40 hours per year. Hospitals often pay 100 percent of tuition reimbursement for registered nurses who seek continued education in a specialized area.” Nurses usually work twelve hour shifts and only work three or four days a week and have three or four days off a week. During the interview I asked Jack what a typical day is like as a nurse, He said “I clock in on my floor, and head to the nurse’s desk to get the night nurse’s report on my patients. From there I determine how my rounds will go and who to start with. Any given day is different, but most of the time I’m administering medication, performing assessments, documenting findings, starting IVs, and talking with patients.” Another place said “There is no typical day for a nurse. Every single shift has the potential to be momentous, exhilarating, exhausting, energizing, nurses see people at their weakest and most vulnerable, or at their strongest”. This shows that nurses never see or do the same things everyday. Everyday is different and challenging.

Fourth, Nurses face many challenges during the day, but nursing is very rewarding. Nurses get to see their patients recover and get better, which is very rewarding. During the interview Jack Brower said “The most rewarding part of nursing is being able to help people with their health all around. Nursing is about more than just medicating and fixing people’s ailments, it’s about educating them and their family on their condition, acting as an advocate for your patients, being a source of knowledge as a practitioner and ensuring patient comfort through it all.” There are many rewarding moments but there are also many challenges throughout a day as a nurse. Nurses see tragedy almost everyday. This article states “Many said seeing patients die after doing everything to care for them is the hardest part. Other challenges include long shifts, having to use time-consuming technology, and a lack of respect from other people in the healthcare industry.” Some doctors used to look down on nurses but that is changing now as nursing is becoming more and more popular and more and more people are becoming nurses.

In conclusion to what is your American dream essay, to achieve my American dream I want to become a nurse. I believe I can be a good nurse because I am dedicated to what I do, and I am very compassionate. Being a nurse in the future is important to me because as a nurse I will be able to help people in their time of need, and help give people a second chance at life so they can continue to achieve or begin to achieve their American dream too. 

08 December 2022
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