The Depression Of America

From the date 1929 to 1932, on a mediocre, 5,000 banks went without profit and business in America. By 1933 of the US’ 25,000 in america, 11,000 had been. By the time of 1933, 11,000 of the US’ 25,000 banks had dissmissed. This triggered the cause of the Great Depression in America. in between the time of 1929 and 1933, U. S. GDP fell just about 30%, the stock market lost approximately 90% of its value. This began the people of New York city taking their own life by jumping off buildings. By 1929 approximately 4 million Americans had ardent in the stock market ” Buying on Margin” meaning that they were acquiring shares with loans. This also caused 13 million people in America to become without a job, which leads them to an unstable income to provide for their essential needs such as food and water.

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The most compelling events started on October 24, 1929, this is known as Black Thursday. On this particular day, roughly 13 million shares of stock were interchanged. The reopening of the markets on October 28, 1929, a Monday. A significant number of stocks were traded and more than 22% of the stock market was declined. This postion got worse once again on Tuesday now known as ‘’Black tuesday’’, October 29, 1929. When over 16 million stocks were once again traded. This lead to the loss of $14 billion that very day By 1933, the unemployment percentage was %24. 9. Just under 15 million people had no job or place of work. This was the highest unemployment rate during the whole ‘’American depression’’ and since then employment rates and percentages have thankfully gone up. Not only did this affect the lives of people without a job but it also did with people who were still employed. Their wages pay fell %42. Moderate family incomes declined %40 from the original price of $2,300 in 1929 to $1,500 in 1933. This lead to prices, collapsing in 1930 and 1932 by %30. This danger businesss homeowners and farmers. This lead to people losing everything they had. They became migrants looking for home, shelter and work wherever they could find it. This forced approximately 250,000 mature children to leave home to find work.

After speaking and having an interview with 2 migrant workers one of them named George who is short angry and has the most knowledge out of the two. And the other one named Lennie, He is the strength and forces out of him and George, he is strong and bolded and can do things George can’t. But sometimes doesn’t know what right from wrong is which leads them to trouble sometimes in the past. We interviewed and spoke to them in regards to this subject to find how they feel and thoughts of this depression. After going from ranch to ranch with different people and places they say “guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. We got a future”. After sleeping under the stars in the middle of nowhere in California dreaming of one day being successful and taking orders to themselves and eating whatever they had they still had a dream going strong together That dream that they are currently struggling to reach due to the fact that they are struggling with financial issues which relate back to the depression. That dream happens to be the most common American dream of owning their own ranch with workers and crops. But they are currently living and working In a ranch with a boss that is unknown and never seen and his son called curly. This is located in a local run-down ranch in California. After going through obstacles that may affect their dream they manage to charge thru but with great difficulty. The lake of sleep and poor food resources takes a massive toll on how they perform and act in regards to work. We also discussed how bathing and water resources play a difficult role in the way they work due to the fact of how many people are working at the ranch and how many people use those resources.

We also discussed Working long and hard day’s in the fields is one of the most common but hardest jobs to come across due to the fact that there is no sun protection and no doctor on site. This could lead to people catching diseases or common illness that could escalate to more serious matters due to the fact that there is no doctors or medical experience around. Another thing that we discussed that is a problem is in multiple ranches and that is that there is limited pay due to the fact that there is limited income, this is one in multiple issues related back to the depression. But what stood out the most out of this discussion that I had with them is how they cope with the disrespect that they cope from their bosses and how this depression has changed people to become corrupt and greedy based off of money.

18 May 2020

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