The Development Of Civilization In Ancient Classical Empires

Civilization is vital for any community, without civilization the world would be ciaos. Civilization creates a stable world, growth of cities and develops security. Forms of different civilization can be seen in ancient times. In ancient classical empires such as Han China of 206 BCE- 220 CE, Fifth-century Athens of 480 BC- 404 BC, and Rome of 27BCE – 506 CE had distinctive means of ruling and maintain civilization. Each empire was unique and sought to do things very differently. These three empires are the most powerful and famous in ancient times. All these empires focused on maintaining the government and becoming civilized. They all differentiated on how they would prosper their empire. Despite the differences from empire to empire they were all successful. Although on top of all their success all three empires have similarities and differences such as economic views, technological views, and how they managed to civilize their empire. The arts of each society showed how distinctive each was and how they developed. They each had different views but sought the best for their people and community. The Han dynasty of china was the second greatest imperial dynasty, which succeeded the Qin dynasty of 221- 207 BCE. Many Chinese today refers to themselves has Han Chinese, because of the Han dynasty. The Han Dynasty was one of the impactful administrations of Ancient China. Much of the Chinese culture was built up because of the Han tradition and it is now called the Golden Age of Ancient China. It was a time of peace and prosperity and enabled China to extend their nation and power. The Han Dynasty kept running for more than 400 years, from 206 BC to 220 AD. The Han Dynasty started with a worker rebel against the Qin Emperor. It was driven by Liu Bang, child of a peasant family. Once the Qin Emperor was executed there was a war for a long period between Liu Bang and his opponent Xiang Yu. Liu Bang won the war and progressed toward becoming ruler. He changed his name to Han Gaozu and set up the Han Dynasty. One of the first things Gaozu did was he gathered a number an educated men to help run the empire. The period of the Han Dynasty was a period of creation and science. A famous painting during this time was called the Han figure painting. The Han dynasty was the first occasion when Chinese attempted art painting.

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The fifth century was the best period recorded in ancient writing. Fifth-century Athens is the city of Greece in the time of 480 BC-404 BC. This was a time of Athenian political authority, monetary development and social prospering also known as the Golden Age of Athens. This Athenian Golden Age corresponds with the initial segment of the Classical time of old Greek history. During the golden age many artists and writers grew in the city. This time started approximately in 478 BC after annihilation of the Persian war.

The Golden Age of Athens was no exemption, and one ridiculous clash after another seethed Greece, starting with war against the immense kingdom of Persia were now lays in current day southern Iran. The sovereign individuals of Athens represented themselves, choosing matters of state in the Assembly. Athenian citizens were free and just owed submission to their laws and paid their respect towards there gods. Significant achievements were made in the 5th century, in Attic vase paintings. The Romans built up a type of government, a republic, that was duplicated by nations for a considerable length of time truth be told, the administration of the United States is constructed mostly with respect to Rome’s model. Everything started when the Romans overthrew the Etruscan. The Etruscans had managed the Romans for many years. When free, the Romans set up a republic, a legislature in which the people chose representatives to govern for their benefit.

The aristocracy also known as the rich class commanded the early Roman Republic. In Roman culture the nobles were known as patricians. The most noteworthy positions in the legislature were held by two representatives or pioneers who governed the Roman Republic. A senate made from patricians choose these emissaries. Only men were allowed to vote. In the Republican time frame, art was created in community, such as sculptures and paintings with victories like the Monument of Aemilius Paullus at Delphi. The arts of this era represented diligent work, age, wisdom, and being a pioneer or warrior. In ancient Rome art is an exceptionally wide subject, spreading over nearly 1,000 years and three continents from Europe, Africa and Asia. The very first Roman art is gone back to 509 B.C.E., with the amazing establishing of the Roman Republic, and kept going until 330 C.E. Roman arts and crafts created an expansive range of media including marble, painting, mosaic, diamonds, silver and bronze work, these are some of the few examples.

Greek artist positively impacted Roman practice. The Roman writer Horace said that “Greece, the hostage, kidnapped her savage victor,” implying that Rome adjusted quite a bit of Greece’s social and masterful legacy. For many reasons, the Han Empire, Classical Athens, and classical Rome have many differences. The three civilizations or empires are different not just for their locations but also population distribution, government, society treatments, and culture, and most importantly there art.

Although many things have changed in China, Athens, and Rome the Empires still retained many political and social aspects from each other. These three empires were the most influential ancient empires in the world’s history. They are the main reason there communities are up and running and have prospered.

03 December 2019

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