Exploring the Process of the Evolution of Baz Luhrmann's Style

Baz Lurhmann is an Australian writer,producer and director with projects that include film,opera,theatre,television,music and recording industries. His unique style for film work has made him one of the best contemporary examples of an auteur. Luhrmanns distinctive style proceeds his name although it has become more subtle throughout his films the evolution of his techniques are still seated in connotations with fine attention to detail.

Lurhmann’s style can be distinguished through the use of all elements of film in his movies such as lighting,camerawork,costume,symbolism,staging and editing to create his vision. Luhrmanns Red Curtain Trilogy is a clear indication of his unique style. His films have a very simple,identifiable story line which normally follow a myth due to his description of being a “mythomaniac” which can be seen in Moulin Rouge! where the story of Christian and Satin is based on Orpheus and Eurydice. This myth is about two lovers in which one goes through a journey into the underworld to save his love. Zidler the “pimp” in Moulin Rouge! often refers to the club as the underworld. This also portrays his extensive use of symbolism and how colour further extends the metaphor throughout his films. Comparing Moulin Rouge! with The Great Gatsby both have a character who is playing the devils advocate and one who is in sense trying to make the other more pure.

Luhrmanns style also extends to his very detailed use of heightened realism and creating a world full of fantasy. Moulin Rouge! portrays Luhrmanns tendency of theatricality. It’s the combination of the Italian Grand Opera and a Bollywood theme. In this still one can see Satine and Christian in a heart frame window while fireworks go off while Christian serenades Satine. Although it’s very romantic and heart warming it’s unrealistic and is meant to give off the perception of fantasy and a cliche form of love. It gives materialistic depth in the film. In the film,The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmanns use of heightened realism is also seen throughout the film especially the moment we are introduced to Mr Gatsby and fireworks go off in a very coincidental moment behind him. This gives the viewer a sense of extravagance that is associated with this character. Although it is quite unrealistic it adds more depth to the story and more meaning in these cases,romance and wealth.

In these films the story starts in a state of a flashback to what happens at the end. This grabs the viewers attention as to what happened to get to that point. Luhrmanns style incorporates spontaneous dancing and breaking out in song although throughout each film has become less hyper aggressive and has developed more of a gentler flow.This defines his sense of theatricality and ability to entertain a viewer. Since Moulin Rouge! his style has become more subtle as can be seen in The Great Gatsby,there is less chaos and less use of oblique camera angles and tilted shots which allows for more stability whilst watching the film although Luhrmanns sense for theatricality does not become more dull

Baz Luhrmanns style is very clear and prominent. He is a man who takes pride in every detail of his work. His rank as a Auteur is distinguishable through each movie although evolution can be seen through how his style has become more subtle.The similarities of these films are immensely influential in the success of these films because of the techniques and they are why he is world renown. 

29 April 2022
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