The Factors Influencing The Perfume Industry In Canada


Fragrance is an important thing in this era, as everyone uses this in their daily life to be refreshed and it also fights with the body odour. Perfumes have been used from last many years and it also enhances their personality. Peoples think that if someone is going to ready for a party or any meeting it will be complete after spray some perfume. In 2017, it was estimated by a survey that, millennials are the 25% of the population who use fragrance in Canada and they considered the drivers of fragrance industry. The consumers of fragrance industry are from different age groups, gender and religions. Fragrance retailing is changing in Canada as the store retailers like departmental stores and drug stores are highly challenged by the online retailers. The fragrance industry is one of the biggest industries in the world.


The fragrance market ranges from different age groups, society like rich persons or middle class persons and they also keep in mind that they are going to make fragrance for different genders and religions. They always need to keep in mind that it fulfills all their requirements like which type of perfume they want and the price level of that perfume. The major international brands like Sephora and Bath And Body Works Inc are aggressively expanding their business in Canada.


Purchase of fragrance is not just a biological and psychological experience it is also a socio cultural event. As everyone knows that perfumes are made of chemicals so, after processing the pollutants should not throw in gutters they should be demolish and also people should also think that they don’t use excessive amount of fragrance as the next person to him should have allergy from the fragrance.


In today’s market, people expecting good quality products at lower prices and also they don’t think what’s the brand of that thing they just want their own satisfaction and also consumers are apricate now a day so; they don’t want to buy that thing which harms their nature.


Technology has a huge impact of every type of business it is one of the most important factor of any business and also in absence of technological change it will harm the business heavily. Looking back 20 years the process of fragrance was linear and manual and took too much time to get process done, but now there are machines available for that process and it helping to decreases the process time and also the cost of that process which enhances the profits of company and they can also spend some more amount on the quality of the product.


The competition in this market is very high as all the products in this industry are almost equivalent and can be differed by just only the flavor they provide. The competitive situation of any product is essential as these gives permission to any company to describe the main points that are necessary for conceptual position. The main competitors of this industry are Chanel, Dior, Herme’s, Gucci, Armani etc.


The Canadian Government put the main regulatory effect on fragrance industry after passing a bill named scent free workplace that means if any product like shampoo, soap, oil etc. anything contains fragrance banned at workplace. Scent is progressively refered to as a trigger in wellbeing conditions, for example, asthma, sensitivities and headache cerebral pains. Also, some aroma materials have been found to collect in fat tissue and are available in bosom milk.


The fragrance industry is increasing aggressively day by day; this assignment depicts that how the external factors like demographic, socio cultural etc, affect the whole fragrance industry and also the trends of people for their nature and also for their personality.


09 March 2021
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