The Famous Painting By Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte...this is an artist, he wa born in Belgium,1898 he was the oldest of three boys.His father was a manufacturer,his name is actually shorter for his mom’s name. His father had a good job but they always had a financial problem, and that forced them to move them out the country with some problems. He went to school at royal academy of fine arts at Brussels.Georgette Berger was his spouse's name that was the only family that it said he had but he had three brothers and he was the oldest one out of all three of them. While he was still investigating and experimenting with his painting he worked in commercial advertising to support his art.His childhood was not the best but it was something, his mom committed suicide in the river sambre she drowned herself when he was about 14 years old. HIs dad was also a tailor therefore afterwards him and his two brothers were taken care of by their grandmother. He met his wife 10 years before he actually married her.

After studying he got a job at a wallpaper factory, he was actually a designer for that company he developed or saw a wallpaper that really interested him so from their forward he came up with his own unique way to do art and to develop it.That is what he stuck for a couple years in his life, and in 1926 he got a contract with Brussels art gallery that’s when he got the job as a full time artist.The year after that he got or made his first solo show people loved it but when art critics cme the next day they did not take it so well. After a while of that him and his wife moved to the suburbs of paris. There he became good or best friends with paris surrealist and including some poets. There he painted one of his most famous paintings The Treachery of images that’s what the painting was called and it was to question the authority and in both images and words

The thing i really,like about this painting that it shows two two pictures in one, and they are the exact opposite of eachother.One them well the background shows a dark night with like a little landscape on the bottom .The other image shows a bird with broad daylight. Those two things are the exact opposite of eachother, that is one thing i really like about this painting is that he smoothly put two of the exact opposite things in one painting and it turned out good. What i manly also like about it is that the bird really stands out with the background even tho,they are opposites i think that’s the point of the painting so people opposites can become into one smoothly.The elements and principes from this painting are mainly,movement because the bird as if it was 3d or something the bird would keep moving if it was a real life bird instead of a image.,form,and color,also because the background the bird and every painting in general has color those are the main elements and principles i see in this painting.

07 July 2022
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