The Fight For Our Rights

African Americans had to fight hard for their rights and struggled with oppression for years and years. Because they were different that gave them a hard time they were appointed the weaker race. Caucasian’s thought they should be looked down upon because they are the superior race. Which led to Africans getting shipped to the white man’s homeland and getting stuck in the circle of slavery. But many brave people throughout history fought for freedom and rights for black people. The bombing of the church in Birmingham was the major call for change to really finally happen and be recognized.

Although they themselves on this day on September 15, 1963, would be the day of pain and hardships. With the newly elected governor George Wallace with his slogan to impress the white people in Alabama. His slogan was “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever! (Gingold ). At that time in Alabama things, the government of Alabama found trivial like swimming pools and parks were closed. Even a book that just happened to have black and white things interacting with each other was banned. The Ku Klux Klan put fear into the hearts of every colored person in Alabama the police weren’t of any help either. Of course, segregated schools were very much still active and even an attempt from a black person to enroll their child into a white school was met with consequences. They were demoralized and shamed in public they even set fire to the African American churches. Even the major leaders of civil rights weren’t safe from the burn either their houses were set on fire also. But then the one and only Martin Luther King Jr. decided to launch a crusade to desegregate Alabama (Washington Post). Being that most people feared white people and their capabilities they were fearful of joining the crusade. But that didn’t stop Martin Luther King Jr. from proceeding with his plans. But this sudden plan outraged the very widely known racist of the town Eugene “Bull” Connor the police chief. Who was very open on his hate of black people got a court order to put a stop to the crusade.

Which eventually put a lot of peaceful protesters in jail which put the movement at a temporary standstill. "I would like to believe that the negative extremes of Birmingham's past will resolve into the positive and utopian extreme of her future; that the sins of a dark yesterday will be redeemed in the achievement of a bright tomorrow. " - Martin Luther King Jr. (Axtman). No matter the problem going down in Birmingham black people always tried to remain positive. As Martin Luther King Jr. who was a major role model for them at the time who was brave enough to fight for everyone’s rights. In the time where everyone needed him and his voice, he was there to ignite a fire in the hearts of black people who needed it. In Birmingham Alabama, white people weren’t prepared for the change that was going to go down pretty soon.

The civil rights movement started with an explosive boom from places all over the south. Martin Luther King Jr. who was arrested in Birmingham shortly after being invited there was a major leader of this movement. Wrote “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” to the people who put him in jail not knowing what he did wrong. But that letter stirred the hearts of many black people who looked up to king and wished for his bravery. But they all refused to retaliate to this mistreatment because this was a nonviolent movement and no one was to disturb the peace. Even after plenty of more were arrested and placed in a cell they all came together and had religious meetings. Nothing could stop their faith that they had strong belief and trust in the lord to bring them out of their troubled times. Later on for Raymond though he was released after five days in prison by his best friend’s father. Later on, he lived a pretty successful life which he thanks to the movement. As this quickly gained attention from the media it spread all over in a matter of days. Then this caught the wind to the president of the current time John F. Kennedy and was quite disgracing of the U. S. and was frowned upon. Quite frankly it was quite embarrassing for us so Mr. Kennedy stepped in. He sent an attorney to Alabama to try to put an end to the demonstrations going on. It took a while but they managed to convince Mr. King with a suitable bargain that was good for all colored people. Although the agreement was set in stone King gave Alabama a little time to fulfill their side of the deal. Which was a part of the compromise which set a severed tie between King and Shuttlesworth and injured man and associate of the civil rights movement.

He believed that “King used his “local” civil rights effort to gain national recognition” (Encyclopedia of Alabama). But we now know that he was just trying to do what was best for the black people of Alabama and only had good interest in mind. Then “June 11, 1963, Pres. Kennedy called for a civil rights bill to prohibit racial discrimination and eliminate segregation in schools, employment, and public areas. ” (Encyclopedia of Alabama). They came to an agreement “On May 10th an agreement had been reached. City leaders agreed to desegregate business and to free all who had been jailed during demonstrations” (Gilmore). Sadly though for the young kids who took the risk and joined the crusade were expelled from school. But then, later on, this decision which was made by the Birmingham board of education was overturned. This crusade put Alabama on the map and made the children’s crusade a major accomplishment for colored people. It brought a conclusion to a long external war between the blacks and the whites. In the one household “It was a typical Sunday day in the Marshall household. Josephine spent the morning getting her three children ready for church. She feed them, dressed them in “pretty little clothes” and sent them out the door (Axten). Mrs. Josephine Marshall was getting ready to go church on that Sunday morning. What’s crazy was Mrs. Marshall had a very vivid dream that morning “I dreamt this bus drove up to my house and my 14-year-old jumped out and shouted, ‘Momma, they bombed the church. ” (Axten). And coincidentally that very dream about the church being bombed actually happened. September 15, 1963 “Fifteen sticks of dynamite were planted in the church basement, underneath what turned out to be the girls’ restroom.

The bomb detonated at 10: 19 a. m. , killing Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Addie Mae Collins-all 14 years old-an 11-year-old Denise McNair. ” (history. com). Right after this happened people scrambled into the church to dig up rubble and look for any survivors. According to (history. com) “More than 20 other members of the congregation were injured in the blast. ” This event angered so many black people it was chaos at the crime scene. The current governor in charge had to send law enforcement to the scene to stop all of the commotions. Around that time at the scene “ Two young black men were killed that night, one by the police and another by racist thugs” (history. com). Although that whole thing happened in the article on ( history. com) says “Meanwhile, public outrage over the bombing continued to grow, drawing international attention to Birmingham. ”

At the funeral of the three girls, the fourth child’s parents decided to have a private funeral for her. Martin Luther King Jr. talked at the three girls funeral which had 8,000 people attending who were upset that four little girls had to die all because the Ku Klux Klan doesn’t like black people. All the clan members who had something to do with the bombing were arrested and even though it took some years every one of them except one was sentenced to life in prison. Which gave a sense of justice to all the friends and family of the four black girls who lost their lives that day that will forever go down in history. This event ruined the peace and the promise that Alabama was supposed to keep. It turned Alabama upside down once again there was not going to be any more silence after this change had to happen. This event surprised everyone but black people still worked hard to fight for equality. There was plenty of more acceptance and togetherness that needed to be had and done from everyone. As this event wasn’t a long time ago even in today’s modern age we still have some work to do so things like this never happen again.

The civil right movement was at first just an idea that came true in reality by Martin Luther King Jr. who wanted to strengthen the movement and was also the main component of it. But what was even more miraculous about the civil rights movement was how passionate and determined they were for change. It's not easy being a minority standing up to the majority who have an overwhelming presence. But if it wasn’t for people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. , Malcolm X, and many more we never would have come this far. Now we have the power and ability to stand up for ourselves, prevent more deaths, and truly be united as a nation.

18 May 2020
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