The Functions Of Propaganda During War

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Propaganda is the spreading of ideas, rumors, information for a purpose of helping or injuring a situation, cause or a person. It is any message someone wants to let the world know either to persuade, inform, convince or entertain. Propaganda has existed for years and can be represented in many different ways; by radio, television, newspapers, posters, media, etc. But it was not until World War One when propaganda began affecting a lot and where it became essential as it is today. There are 5 elements that propaganda should include at least one; demonization which is when you use your enemy to be seen as someone bad, an emotional appeal which is when by a picture you can feel the emotion of a person and that affects you. Name calling which is when you use your enemy´s name or any other person´s name involved, patriotic appeals means whenever you use a flag or something that defines your country. Half-truths lies is when they use truths but also lies to trick a person, it’s intended to blame or misrepresent the truth. The catchy slogan which is to have a good phrase so that the poster could draw the attention of everyone, visual symbols it is used to affect people realizing which position they are. Humor/caricature is when they use a fiction character to represent someone or a person crying to affect their point of view. During World War One propaganda made a huge impact on society. These posters affected emotionally to every citizen. They also helped people´s opinion by talking about their enemies and having a fictional character for them. Propaganda also helped some women be heroes, there was a poster about a nurse and women got really inspired that decided to be a nurse and saved a lot of lives. They also helped people be better citizens by a poster that said ‘do with less so they´ll have enough’, that talked about the ration books. There was a huge collection of propaganda posters consisting of images from 1914-1945, from the start of world war one to the end of world war two. The U.S. government produced 20,000,000 copies of 2,500 posters made. Through these posters governments persuaded their citizens to be involved and participate in a variety of patriotic functions. These posters were collected by the Washington State University Libraries and then moved to the University´s special collections. The collection continued to grow through donations. Now we know everything about propaganda during World War 1 and 2. They made a huge impact in the world and society and helped a lot of people becoming heroes. These posters inspired people and made them a better person by helping others. They also gave fear and a negative vibe, but in other cases they helped women become nurses and save a lot of lives.

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01 February 2021

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