The Great Gatsby: Life Isn’t About Money

The Great Gatsby is a story written about a heavily rich man names Mr. J Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby did not start off rich he was born to poor farmers, he despised his parents and thought of himself as a child of god and thought he should be somewhat of a king. After thinking about this Gatsby left his home and set off for an adventure that would change his life. After many years Gatsby finally found his life goal of riches and started to live his life as high as he could go.

Mr. Gatsby had relatively new money, he did lots of different work to earn his massive fortune. With his money he allowed himself to life the way he wanted big party’s, nice cars, the finest of clothing and much more. Although Gatsby was extremely happy with his wealth and how his life was turning out, there was one thing he still longed for, His Daisy, and no not like the flower. Before Gatsby went off to war he had a girlfriend by the name Daisy. When he returned she had married another man and so Gatsby had thought of a way to get her back, yes Daisey loved Gatsby’s money but she loved him more and wouldn't trade him for anything. Gatsby loved Daisy just as much as she loved him, but Gatsby cannot buy someones love or trust, throughout the book he says that he wants Daisy to live with him in his huge house and stay the rest of their days there, Daisy just wanted the drama between Gats and her current husband to stop. Gatsby couldn't buy her love and he didn’t see why.

Later in the story Gatsby got a better understanding on the concept of money as some readers would think or have claimed, Before his death he planned on living with Daisy and loving every second of it without a buck to be seem. Jonathan Greene Capitalize Jonathan Greene J. or Jay Even Gatsby’s wealth couldn’t keep him happy forever, Gatsby wanted to buy his way through life and be happy with whatever he wanted to do and whenever he made a mistake he just wanted to pay his way out of it. Ite book whenever people like Nick or Daisy tried to help him it seemed like he depended on his servants or things he had bought to get him through things.

One major thing Gatsby did not realize in his life is that, wealth has nothing to do with money or how much you make, it’s about who you are and the work you put in to make your life worth something. Life isn’t about money or fame or reputation, although those things can help; life is about happiness and where you spend your time in oder you achieve it, Gatsby spent to much time worrying about is fortune instead of just enjoying the moments he had with the ones around him. Money is such a small importance in the grand scheme of life it can buy you almost anything in the world, but it can’t and never will buy you happiness.

15 July 2020
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