The Great Kentucky Adventure: Soul Food and Horse Park

People should consider traveling to the South. The South has many tourist attractions. Kentucky is one of the states in the South with many attractions. It is the spiritual home of Southern soul food and the Kentucky Horse Park. There are many great possibilities for people visiting Kentucky.

One possibility for travelers is to visit the Kentucky Horse Park. One reason to go is the people can ride the horses. There are two options, depending on what category a person falls in; horse rides and pony rides. Horses are for older people, which includes a weight limit, while the pony rides are for younger kids. Another reason is to visit is the Hall of Champions. The Hall of Champions is a memorium of previous horse champions and their accomplishments on display. There is also a gift shop incorporated into the building for those looking to buy a souvenir for themselves or loved ones. The final reason to visit is the horse shows. The horse shows occur daily and feature a variety of horse breeds. There people can see the horses show off their jumping ability and agility. Another part of the show, if interested, the model horses that show off their majestic features.

Another possibility for visitors is the Mary Todd Lincoln house. The first reason to visit is the house is a historic monument. The house was home to Mary Todd Lincoln, the former first lady and wife of Abraham Lincoln. It is always nice to visit the place where a person from U.S. history had lived. The next reason is the house is well preserved. Even though the house was built over 200 years ago, the interior and exterior of the house are still intact. The building is kept clean and the antiques are in good shape. The last reason is the tour is informative. In the tour people will learn that Mary Todd’s family moved into the house in the 1800s. She later moved away to Illinois, where she met Abraham LIncoln.

Along with travel, there is food, and there is a variety of it in Kentucky. One fan favorite is burgoo. Burgoo is a meat stew with vegetables. Different types of meats can be used in the dish like pork, chicken, or beef. It is not exactly fine dining, but it does the job and satisfies hunger. Another food to try is fried chicken. The taste of Kentucky-style fried chicken is different to all other, it has a soul food flavor that gives a special taste. There is a reason most restaurants in Kentucky serve some variation of fried chicken, it is the main attraction. Finally, a sweet tooth food on the menu is derby pie. Derby pie is a chocolate and nut pie, it is called that because it usually accompanies people watching the Kentucky Derby. The sweet taste and soft texture tickle the taste buds. Eating it gives the feeling of being at the Derby without actually being there.

There is a variety of things to do in Kentucky. So if ever in Kentucky, make sure to enjoy all the wild horse shows, crazy good food, and amazing historical monuments. In conclusion, people should visit Kentucky because it is a fantastic place with great food, it is guaranteed to be a trip to remember. 

07 July 2022
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