The Hardships Of Cows In Dairy Farms

In this essay I want to make you aware of what is happening in the world of the dairy industry. If you love animals and are concerned with your health i would like you to drop any prejudices you may have aside on this subject and listen. I am not here to attack or swindle you on this topic and I am not going to make up any facts or figures because I don't have to.

Many people drop their consumption of dairy for either one or many of these 4 main reasons. There is the health impact, ethical impact, sociological impact and the environmental impacts. I will be talking about the ethical impact of the dairy industry and touching on the health side as well, though I am obviously not a health professional, these statistics and facts in this piece has been taken from many doctors websites that I will be mentioning later on.

First, for cows to be able to produce milk, cows must be lactating, which occurs after the same cow has given birth. As cows do not constantly produce milk., this normally happens when a cow is artificially inseminated by the farmer who previously jacks of the bull with his hands or inserts a cow vibrator in the anus of the bull until he ejaculates. I know right, what a nice picture. Then that sperm is put in to the cow whilst it is confined in what the industry and farmers call a rape rack.

When that calf is born, if a boy they will be confined to a crate and killed for veal, when i say killed, even if from an organic or humane farm, there is still either a gun to its head of knife to its throat, and if a girl, the same process in which I was just talking about will then happen to them.

Imagine having a baby and immediately after birth watching it be dragged away by its leg while you attempt to go after it, disoriented, weak and terrorized yet there is nothing you can do about it. This happens to many mother dairy cows between days to a few hours after they have given birth to their young, and many people stop their consumption of dairy after witnessing this. If any of this was to happen to a human it would be look as awful and disgusting. Look at one of the 60 minutes story as an example, a child was taken away from its mother, yet this happens to millions to billions of dairy cows and nobody bats an eye. A mother and baby cows bond is a very intimate one, the mother can be heard winning for her baby for days to weeks. Yet what she doesn’t know is that her baby will either be slaughtered or be raped repeatedly like she is.

A cow’s naturally has a lifespan of 20 years of age, yet in the dairy industry, they only live until they are 4 years old. After being “raped” for many years, getting their children taken away from them and from being over milked, they collapse onto the floor and become spent. In which they become cheap meat for mince or pet food.

Over milking is furthermore bad for the milk because it contains pus which comes from udder infections which the cows get from being over milk which leads into their milk. Yes, it does get pasteurized, not completely though, legally in Australia 400,00 somatic cells are allowed into every milliliter of cow’s milk. Somatic pus cells are also another word for the same type of pus on the pimples that people get on their faces.

The idea that dairy consumption doesn’t cause harm is not true as consuming dairy products leads to the killing of other cows and baby veal calves.

Many people say that they consume dairy because it is natural and necessary, yet both of these cases are actually quite untrue.

It is not natural for the fact that we are the only animals on this planet that drinks secretions that come from another animal. You wouldn’t drink from a cat, dog, rat, rhino, elephant, so why a cow? That milk is made for their children, and we are not their children. Therefore it is not ours to drink.

Secondly the idea that it is natural and necessary is furthermore untrue since that milk is meant for the growth of a baby cow to grow into a 272-456kg cow within 6 months of age. This is not a normal weight for humans, because of this humans get bloated as it helps growth and also skin problems as well.

Additionally it has also been proven a lie that consuming dairy makes our bones stronger which we have been told since we were young children.

Countries with the highest consumption of milk are: The United States, England, Sweden and Finland.

Countries with the highest rate of osteoporosis (Osteoporosis is a medical condition where your bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, mainly due to a deficiency of calcium) are the United States, England, Sweden and Finland.

Dairy consumption within Australia at this present time is at decrease because many people are becoming aware of how it gets to our plate and cup, and the impacts to our health, environment and the animals, such as the rape, slaughter of mother cows and baby cows, the production line of dairy itself and the health benefits of decreasing dairy consumption.

We all must learn empathy, we must learn to look through the eyes of an animal and feel that their life has value because they are alive. 

09 March 2021
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