The Hunger Games: The Effect Of Katniss’S Role In Her Family On Her Behavior In The Games

In this essay, I’m going to write about how Katniss’s role in her family affects her behavior in the games by giving examples from the novel The Hunger Games (2008), written by Suzanne Collins and finishing the essay with a conclusion.

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The novel The Hunger Games (2007), written by Suzanne Collins has its main character Katniss Everdeen who is only a 16 years old girl but acts more like an adult. She loses her father when she is only a teenager and that forces her to provide food for her family. She has a little sister at home and a mother who has given up her life after her husband’s death, now it is all up to Katniss to keep them alive. That’s why she chooses to go hunting in the forest even though it is illegal. Katniss is an unselfish and protective character, who sacrifices herself in order to keep her family safe. One example is when she volunteers to take her little sisters place and becomes a tribute at the beginning of the book. One of the things that are remarkable about Katniss and affects her behavior in the games is when she finds it difficult to trust others throughout the novel. Since she is responsible for her mother and little sister, she has only been in touch with Gale who is the closest and the only friend she has. Now it can be one of the reasons for her inability or unwillingness to trust, which in long terms will have a negative impact on her survival in the games.

Even though she has experienced enough difficulty through her life, Katniss remains herself throughout the games. You can see when a relationship forms between her and Rue the 12 years old girl from district 11. But also, why she helps Peeta and refuses to leave him when he is injured as well as unable to care for himself. She starts teaming up with Rue instead of killing her as we read in chapter 15. “I can almost hear Haymitch groaning as I team up with this wispy child. But I want her. Because she’s a survivor, and I trust her, and why not admit it? She reminds me of Prim. ” (2008:235) says Katniss to herself after building an ally with Rue. It shows how Katniss wants to protect her since she reminds her of her little sister Prim.

As we go through the novel, it shows us the similar behavior of Katniss in every situation. She doesn’t want people’s attention once she is popular between the crowds and has some interviews on TV. What she always thinks about is to get out of those situations, so she can get back home to her family. Her behavior remains the same while the games could have turned her into a killer. In conclusion, Katniss’s role in her family helps her to keep being herself and not giving up on life. In the games, she fights for her life, starts to trust other individuals such as Peeta and Rue, and at some point, takes care of them as she has done that with her family. Since Katniss is a protective character at the beginning of the novel, she remains the same as we come to an end.

31 October 2020

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