The Impact Of Divorce On Children's Mental Health

Getting married does not have to be a lifetime joy and long-lasting relationship filled with love for an individual. In fact, married people face many conflicts and problems in their life which sometimes could lead to divorce as a solution to find peace. Divorce, being very popular in these days, can be a hard experience for a family, especially for children. Not just are the guardians learning methods of connecting with one another, but also they are acquiring knowledge on how to raise their youngsters. Some of the parents considered that they should reestablish the connections so that the kids should not experience such a thing and to not spend less time with a parent than the other. Be that as it may, sadly, most of the attempts frequently lead to no good thing and kids suffer significantly more. 

In spite of how many children in a family, separations can create several issues for the parents such as extra fiscal and mental welfare of a youngster, sharing of duties regarding child's affairs and alimony payments. Children must be raised in a caring and supporting environment that teaches them how to live the best of their lives and how to make connections with individuals. Subsequently, when being in an environment of continual arguments and disputes, youngsters can be raised to be excessively timid, or offensive. The divorce rate in Egypt has increased and augmented considerably in the last couple of years. (Reda, 2019) stated that around 200 thousands wedded couples get a separation consistently. She also added that from 7 percent up to 40 percent of relationships end between the initial five years and the expanding separation average of the ignored issues that ladies face in the public eye is because of that they experience the ill effects of numerous issues including abuse, and getting married at a young age. According to (“Egypt Today Staff”, 2019), the amount of people getting married cases registered 913000, however the people getting divorced cases reached 19000 in two thousand and seventeen. In addition of that, the average of separation rate has increased by 21.7% to each 100 marriage case. Therefore; in what ways divorce affects youngster’s mental health and attitude? This report will first discuss reasons of divorce, impacts of divorce, and psychological impact and attitude regarding mental health. This will be pursued by a discussion of findings and recommendations on how to reduce impacts of divorce.

There are several causes of divorce that participate in ending the relationship or marriage and one of the significant causes behind it is infidelity. Disloyalty shows that there is a lack of trust and a huge fail in a relationship. There are various signs that treachery might have been occurred, some of the couples tried to avoid the suspicions to keep their family together but sooner or later, the cheater may end up confessing about his affairs or he'll end up bearing a decent lot of blame for a considerable length of time. The authors claim that infidelity is close to the topmost list of causes behind separation among youthful couples. They also stated that it does not make a difference whether it is the man or the woman who is cheating, there will always be consequences that can be destructive and ruinous for the whole family (Mohlatlole, Sithole, & Shirindi, 2018). Another reason concerning divorce is money related problems. Financial plannings, financial obligations and financial earnings are cases of a money related reasons for separation. Having fights over how to spend money and overspending money by one of the parents can turn into a frustrating and nerve-wracking issue in the relationship. Regardless of how a lot of cash you have, there is constantly the financial problems as an essential component in a relationship. Cash can be so significant to the extent that if the husband or the wife loses his or her profession or a critical sudden money related difficulty happen like unanticipated emergencies, it can lead to a major pressure on family funds that might keep going for a substantial period of time or even years. Financial problems are difficult to overcome and it cannot be avoided, however people should start to put spending limits, make long-run plans and keep the lines of correspondence unclosed regarding money related concerns in order to have a better opportunity of surviving marriage.(Scott, Rhoades, Stanley, Allen & Markman, 2013) indicated that a few people pointed out that monetary struggles were not the major cause behind their separation, yet rather it rose the strain and tenseness between the partners. 

07 July 2022
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