The Impact Of Divorce On Juvenile In Different Aspects


Based on my readings Divorce is a widely spread phenomena around the world that is remarkably impacting the society. Juvenile are the almost impacted due to several factors. As well kids are affected socially, emotionally, and physically.

Can you predict how many separation cases are happening among the world each day? Or can you guess the number of cases in each country? In fact it is a massive and unbelievable number globally and locally in various countries. Based on statics there is one divorce case every 13 seconds in America only, means around 6,646 divorce cases per day (Divorce statistics:over 115 studies,facts and rates for 2018). Splitting of parents is a serious matter that the whole world is suffering from not only the United States of America (USA). Additionally break up should be taken into consideration either from the couple side or the society and the government sides. Another significant example is the separations percentage in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where it reached a percentage of 32.5% in 2016 (saeed, 2018). Although this percentage doesn’t seem very high but in comparison to the UAE small population it is considered very high. These statistics and many other divorce statics indicate the wide spread of divorce among the world even in small countries like the UAE. Based on Marriam Webster divorce is defined as the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage (divorce). In other words, it is the separation of a married couple. The society is negatively impacted by divorce phenomena, such as families. More particularly juvenile since they are the almost influenced. It affects them emotional wise, besides the social impact which covers the academic achievement, relationships and abusive acts. Separation impacts the physical behavior of juvenile as well.

The aim of this research is to study the divorce influences on juvenile in different aspects .In order to propose possible solutions and contribute in having a divorce free society.

Reasons behind separations

Arguments ends up in different scenarios usually one party sacrifices or a solutions pops up. However, some arguments do not have obvious solutions; this leads to a further undesired action which is divorce. Several reasons are behind divorce such as significant differences in core values and beliefs since each person came from different family and rose in a certain way. Another reasons are having blended family issues, and lack of support during difficult times specifically (Prior). In addition to lack of communication, misunderstanding, domestic violence, Divorce results marital infidelity, and social circumstances, etc (Glantz, 2018). Divorce is caused by many reasons but these are some of the almost prominent ones.

Reasons why juvenile are the almost affected by divorce

Divorce has various influences on communities, families, and individuals. Everyone in the community suffers from separations consequences particularly young individuals or juvenile, who suffer from divorce consequences the almost. This is due to enormous reasons, for examples juvenile are very sensitive and emotional to certain cases beside their strong relations with their parents. Additionally, they don’t the authority to be part of the decision or prevent it in order to protect the family. Accordingly, divorce results bad feelings to juvenile like disappointment, instability, fairness of loneliness, and anger. Juvenile may also feel the loss of family, parents, and maybe siblings. In some cases they may feel guilty that they are the reason behind divorce (Helmi, 2011).

Divorce influences on juvenile

Divorce has several consequences on families worldwide. In almost cases, separations is agreed by both sides, even though it still affects the juvenile lives in all aspects. Divorce causes issues on juvenile’s thinking approach and development. Some juvenile could pass through it easily whereas others cannot. This puts a huge risk on their social, emotional and physical development. For instance, Figure 1 compares the differences in the behavior of juvenile with divorced parents and intact marriage. Clearly, juvenile with divorced parents are more likely to commit bad actions and have wicked manners. For instance, juvenile from divorced parents skipped school and hurt others as double as juvenile from intact marriage. Moreover, they are willing to steal from stores and get drunk more than double the percentage of juvenile from connected families. Thus, juvenile in divorced families can be quickly attracted to the outside world, which means they may experience smoking, drug abuse, and their behavior is easy to deteriorate (The effects of divorce on children).

Social influences

Juvenile of divorce parents tend to have less social contacts; this could be a result of less self-esteem or lack of self-confidence which can end up by cutting almost of their social relationships. They may face many social damages such as they lose trust in others which means they will face a failure in relationships .They may complex from marriage and have more effective attitudes towards divorce than marriage (Effects of divorce on children's future relationshps). Juvenile-family relationship is influenced the almost where juvenile’s communication with their father, mother and siblings decline and may reject their parents. Furthermore, they become less social and more isolated. Juvenile may experience bullying as well.

Emotional influences

After divorce juvenile undergo from major behavioral issues like impulsive behavior, in addition to anger issues. They also get distracted because they don’t know what is going on. As a consequence of not having a clear image of divorce and how will life be, juvenile start to feel that the family is being broke. So parent should be concerned of clarifying this to their juvenile before divorce to reduce these bad feelings that affect juvenile massively, such as causing some psychiatric disturbances. Moreover, school performance is remarkably influenced where it gets lower.

Not getting full care by parents will cause frequent depression to juvenile (Morin, 2018). This was proven by study that was conducted in 1980-1981. The study showed that juvenile of divorced parents get lower academic results. On the other hand, juvenile with a complete family tend to get better academic grades (J.Cherlin).

Physical influences

Lack of love and loss of care may lead to aggression with peers and fights with them. As well as they become less focused and may drop out of school and get attracted by drugs especially boys. In contrast, girls tend to have higher rates of depression and anxiety (Ph.D, 2011). Divorce attracts juvenile to act horrendously such as addict drugs and/or alcohol abuse, frequent breaking of rules and increased or early sexual activity. Some juvenile may undergo a hunger strike due to their depression, which will negatively affect their physical health, and may lead to death. In some cases divorce leaves the door open for the external factors to control them and take them away from religion, culture, and traditions (Humood, 2016).


To sum up several negative impacts are behind divorce on different life aspects. Juvenile are the almost affected in terms of school performance, relationships, behavior, health, etc. Divorce plays a huge role in a child’s lifestyle who will be growing up between a divorced couple and two different homes as it may activate their emotional feelings about the situation. It may affect their future lifestyle, relationships and may destroy their physical development in many ways.

Personal approach

Since divorce is a widely spread phenomena people tend to have different opinion regard it. Some people believe that divorce is a good solution for their issues while others think it is a real problem itself. Myself I think divorce may be either good or bad based on the couple situation and circumstances. But in all cases I see that divorce is highly affecting juvenile especially younger ones. So parents must fully understand what is beyond divorce and be aware of their juvenile’s feelings and future. Divorce may be acceptable if parents are willing to take the full responsibility of their juvenile and take care of them.

Due to the wide spreading of divorce I believe that marriage should be restricted by rules and policies. For example; a specific age should be set by the government to approve the marriage. For example; a specific age should be set by the government to approve the marriage. In other words, young adults or teenagers should be forbidden from marriage because of their irresponsibility and immaturity. Moreover I believe that some sort of maturity test should be conducted before approving the marriage. These procedures are to avoid divorce and protect juvenile’s from its downsides.

07 September 2020
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