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The Impact Of Michelangelo On Renaissance And Modern World

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His Impact on the Renaissance

He inspired other painters and sculptors to work on more secular art rather than traditional Christian artworks. Which lead to an impact in the Humanist movement during the renaissance. The “David” shows humidity through its rationality because the statue shows a man before fighting in the battle and preparing for the battle rather than after the battle. “David” has a profound facial expression which makes people know that he is thinking and concerned. This led to a showing of rationality. The “David” is not only trying to fight using his power, but he is also using his knowledge and intelligence with skills, which represents the ideal man of humidity. Another humidity he showed with “David” is civic virtue, it is a symbolization of civil liberties in the Florentine Republic. David has a nude human body with perfect proportion with muscular physical, this shows that the human body is a gift. Furthermore, David is one of the biblical heroes and depicting him with the human body tells people that anyone can be a hero with intelligence and power.

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His Impact on Today’s World

Artworks that Michelangelo remained are still had a very big impact on today’s world. Millions of visitors come to see the amazing works he had done. Some famous artworks he created are “Pieta” in 1499, The last judgment in 1499, “Doni Tondo” in 1507. He remains relevant still today after hundreds of years due to. He remains an artist representing that period of history’s artistic expression. Michelangelo’s work shows a combination of both religious and realism. His work has been reproduced on pillows, mug-cups, t-shirts, and other commercial products, which lead to continuously impacting today’s society. Also, his influence on today’s world can be found in architectural design. For example, the design of the Laurentian Library in Florence has been remaining for its astonishing design. Also, his design of works for the Medici family have been continued studied due to careful consideration of depictions of imagery representative for the one’s characteristic. He has been still relevant of the beauty of his works and connection to social, political and religious.

31 October 2020

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