The Issue Of Racial And Social Equality In America

America has not fully reached that point of being able to accept people who have a skin color much darker than their own, or lighter. People only stop to look to the outside, never carrying or wondering what hides deep down underneath the outer layer of a human being. It is said that no matter how many years pass, the world will never achieve true racial and social equality. In some cases I would disagree, but as time slowly goes on I am starting to agree that no matter how many years do indeed pass, this world will never have true equality. Fewer than one in three black Americans and not even half of whites say the United States has made a lot of progress toward achieving racial equality in the half-century since the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared he had a dream that one day freedom, justice and brotherhood would prevail.

Equality is one thing that is so hard to get in this world, no matter where you look you have always got a person looking down on you all because your skin has a different outlook. It is only the outer layer of a person, it does not describe what the inside holds, but no one sees that nor do they understand that. Everyone turns their heads just because your skin is either darker or lighter, it does not matter to some but to many it does. For example that has to deal with racial equality, scholarships are giving out to almost anyone but only for this certain scholarship it takes being an African American. To some it is alright but how is that fair to others that can not get it all because they have a different skin color? It is not fair at all proving there is not any equality between the two skin colors on getting the scholarship.

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird there is so much racial and social problems with everyone in Maycomb. For example to deal with racial equality, Tom Robinson is an African American that is being trialed for supposedly raping and beating Mayella Ewell. In a courtroom there is always going to be justice, whether some think it is fair or not there is always justice. Even though Atticus Finch tried his best to make the jury and the rest of the court understand that Tom did not do it, he was still found guilty. Tom did not have much of a chance in the first place, all because his skin color was darker than the rest of the people who sat around him. The jury believed that Tom was innocent but since Tom is black, for him to ever feel sorry for a white girl it was unheard of and it was weird to others so to keep the town drama to a minimum they filed him guilty.

Another example from To Kill a Mockingbird, there is some social problems that have to deal with a certain family. Mr. Cunningham and his son Walter are treated different all because they are poor people. The teacher's pretty much make fun of Walter Cunningham, because he does not have the money to buy his lunch. So in turn to that, Jem invites him over to eat dinner with them and there he explains how he has never had roast before that usually he only had rabbits and squirrels. But being poor should not put a mark on how you rank between other people, money cannot buy everything and many do not understand that matter.

In today’s time many people are still looked at that way, their skin color or the way they act. Some colored people can not get a job all because their skin is darker than the whites. Some people in general can not get a job because of how poor they may be, making it very hard for them. Everyone is looked at differently, no matter what color, gender, age, or rich they are. No one is looked at the same and sadly it will most likely always be this way because a human being can not look at a person without having a reason to treat them unequally. When it comes to social issues, everyone is going to be judged if they do not have enough money to buy something. If you do not rank high with another you are looked down upon, figured to be nothing lower than dirt. Everyone is going to judge another, but no matter how many dreams happen nor how many people are born there is always going to be problems when it comes to racial and social equality. No human being really will ever look to someone and look past the outer layer with one glance. Color has kept so many people from doing great things, having jobs, getting scholarships, being able to compete in different activities all because their skin is darker. I doubt there will ever be true racial equality around America, but if and when the time does come it will be an amazing thing to have so that no one and left out of doing something that they wish or want to do.

31 October 2020
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