The Issue Of Racism And Stereotypes Imposed On Native Americans

Native Americans were the founders of this place that we now called home. They founded the United States about 15,00 years ago and you would think they would be superior because of what they have done, but sadly they have been basically taken from their land. In the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” the main character is an Indian living on the reservation or rez for short. He lives on the rez with many more Indians and also goes to school with them. One day, he had to change schools for the better and everyone turned on him for a going to a white school. According to him, Indians were never made to graduate or do anything meaningful in life. That is where some stereotypes start to begin. He also experienced bullying to a certain extent. All for what though? Because he was a Native American.

Although Native Americans founded this land they still live on reservations for only Native Americans to live. They all stick together and go to the same schools as I said before and according to what junior said not many go to college or be anything in life. They also have very little amount of things. All this is what they face. He is expected to go to an all Native American school, but soon make a decision to change that and do something by going to an all white school. He must overcome the racism and hate that he is receiving for no reason other than the simple fact that he is Indian. His people are also not very accepting of his decision and they look at him as a traitor; they look at him like he is trying to escape, like he doesn’t want to be Indian. They think he thinks that he is too good for them and that he wants to be white. Junior also known as Arnold is just trying to make a better life for himself and show that not all the stereotypes about his culture are not true all the time.

Racism isn’t only put onto Native Americans but on to African American culture in today's society. In this case, though the racism on Native Americans is unnecessary. All racism is unnecessary everyone has the same potential no matter what. People in “ The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” notice that Arnold is no longer there they call him a traitor and this and that, but not only does he have to deal with that, but at the new school, a all white school, people look at him as an outsider and treat him differently just because of his Native American culture and looks.

In today's society many of Native Americans live on reservations. According to an unknown author about 22 percent of all Indian live on a reservation and it is to be said that those reservations are cited as being almost comparable to the “third world.” In addition to that they also have increased risks of dying of tuberculosis, diabetes, suicide, and heart disease.

I can only imagine how it must be. Many things could go wrong and everything is against you for example the increased risk of dying. You may try to do the right thing as Arnold did by switching schools to you. Native Americans have a different lifestyle that many of us don’t have. They have different religious beliefs, they have festivals, rituals, and many things that you don't see. Many times the only thing that is remembered are bad things that Native Americans have done, but that is not the case. We adopted a lot of things from them. Food and language to name a few. Not all Indians stay at the reservations some make a better life for themselves by being professional athletes, musicians, and entertainers.

Not all bad comes from them as many stereotypes might claim that none do. Arnold was bold and with all the problems and conflict was tied into he pushed through to better himself and not be like everyone else. He joined the basketball team with low expectations to make even the freshman team. Not only did he make the team he made the varsity team, being named as the star shooter of the team. He surprised his teammate and coaches with his shooting abilities. He might not look like it but he was willing to do whatever, and he did do it and it made him a better person, breaking the stereotypes at a young age. All this was only because he was a Native American not expected to do anything with his life.        

16 December 2021
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