The Life Of J.K. Rowling

 This woman with a mind filled with wizards and outlandish realms has become to be known as a truly brilliant fantasy author who imagined the wizarding world along with other types of realistic novels as well as her childhood, writing, and the heavy influences on the media she has today which have shaped the minds of many people of modern day. Who honestly would have thought that the base of the Harry Potter series was all created by a woman in her mid-twenties while she was waiting to get to London King’s Cross from Manchester (Rowling). Joanne Kathleen Rowling is the mind behind the wizarding world of the Harry Potter series. Many people of today see her as a national icon of the modern era. She has made such a substantial impact in the youth today as well as young adults in the same turn, but she has done more than just write books. Rowling is very active with her followers on social media as well as being talkative during interviews. These things have made Joanne Kathleen Rowling into such an amazing author of today’s age.

Joanne Rowling was born on July 31st, 1965 in Yate General Hospital (Rowling) in Chipping Sodbury in the United Kingdom (Stableford). She is the daughter of Peter Rowling and Anne Rowling (Rowling). Joanne’s father, Peter, worked at a Rolls-Royce factory in Bristol, England as an aircraft engineer (Rowling) and manager (Stableford). Joanne Rowling also has a younger sister, and her sister’s name is Dianne Rowling. During Joanne’s teenage years, Anne Rowling died of multiple sclerosis in the year of 1990 (Rowling). During the events of her childhood, Joanne Rowling spent most of her time In Gloucestershire, England as well as Chepstow, Gwent (Rowling). Even though she hadn’t received any notice until she wrote the Harry Potter book series, Joanne Rowling wrote a book at the age of six years old (Rowling). The title of the book is called Rabbit, and it is about a rabbit (Rowling). That book is what started Joanne in her conquest to writing the Harry Potter books. Joanne Rowling during the year right after she wrote her first Harry Potter book met her first husband (Rowling). Her first husband’s name was Jorge Arantes, who she had met in Portugal, and the year they planned to get married was in 1992 (Rowling). The following year, Joanne and Jorge had a daughter, and her name was Jessica Arantes, but as of now, it is Jessica Rowling-Arantes due to Joanne and Jorge’s divorce during that very same year (Rowling).

During all of her years of writing, Joanne Rowling has written some very detailed, delightful, and lengthy books in her lifetime. As for her very first published book series, Harry Potter, Rowling’s first idea of the series was during a train ride to London King’s Cross (Rowling). Actually, the King’s Cross gave her the idea for the 9¾ platform that wizards use to enter the train station to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, and it is set right before the tenth boarding platform just as it is in the Harry Potter books and movies. After Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books she wrote a prequel series to it called Fantastic Beasts telling about the events Albus Dumbledore before he became a professor as well as other important characters in the Harry Potter series at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry (Rowling).

There are many other realistic novels that Rowling has written over the years that does not include the mystical realm of Hogwarts or of any wizardry for that matter. Joanne Rowling wrote an adult novel that was converted to a television miniature series, and the name of the book and miniature series is called The Casual Vacancy (Rowling). Joanne Rowling also wrote a series of crime novels along with The Casual Vacancy, and she went under the pseudonym of Robert Gailbraith when she was writing the crime novels (Rowling). Joanne Rowling has written a brand new screenplay for the Harry Potter series, and the name of the screenplay is called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Thebookseller. com) that has been in production in London and in Australia (Rowling).

There are so many things that Joanne Rowling has done to influence the media in the modern era. Just on Twitter alone, Joanne Rowling has an absolutely outstanding amount of followers on the social media platform counting up to the eleven million mark, and she does her best to try and keep her audience pleased (Prendergast). Joanne rowling has made comparisons between the evil, dark lord, Voldemort, to some of the world’s leaders today. To mention a few of the leaders, there is Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, and a few others as well (Prendergast).  

10 December 2020
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