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The Lifeway Of Frida Kahlo, One Of The Mexican´S Greatest Artists

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Do you know who Frida Kahlo is? Frida Kahlo is one of the Mexican´s greatest artists. She is recognized by artwork and how widely known they are around the timeline. But behind all of those good things about Frida being this amazing artist and how she successfully got her name out to the world and has her legacy in shape of this life form. She became a cultural and feminist icon by her interest in education,her accidents, and her culture. by the results on becoming this known person very all behind the scenes happened in her lifetime to become who she is. Let me tell you more about Frida Kahlo. Frida´s education helped her to get where she is at and how famous she was.

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According to the article titled ¨Artists: Frida Kahlo¨, in paragraph 4 says ¨At the age 15, in 1922, Kahlo enrolled in the renowned National Preparatory school.As one of the thirty-five female students enrolled in the school, she was hard to miss. She came to know as an outspoken, brave, students,and with a jovial spirit. ¨ This quote explains how Frida´s personality is and how her interests shows out to what she was to do , where her talent was showing how her ideals of her painting was brought to life.In Frida´s lifetime on becoming this cultural and famous icon did hit a little bumpy roads but it stop her from leading on to what she wanted to succeed.

Like according to the article titled ¨Artists: Frida Kahlo¨, in paragraph 7 says ¨ She and Alejandro were on their way home from school when their bus was struck by a trolley car. Frida was impaled by a metal bar which pierced her back and broke her pelvis¨. This was a bad accident that happened in Frida’s life and which kind of hurt her career in time but that didn’t stop her from doing what she liked. Like in paragraph 7 says ¨She spent the next nine months in bed recovering. During this time, given her limited mobility her interest in art kept her occupied . Frida, which allowed her to paint while lying in bed, and a mirror was placed above her so she could paint self portraits. Frida would respond, (¨I paint myself because i am so often alone and because i am the subject I known best¨). This gave her the reason to not give up in her subject she loved to do.All the worst things happened possible, but getting right back up from recovering encouraged her to do what she loved and make her paintings more worth full and very experienced with her well known make an impression on hat she is and does from her heritage/culture.

From the article titled ¨Artists: Frida Kahlo¨” , in paragraph 9 says ¨ Frida had always felt proud of her roots and began outwardly demonstrating her pride in her mexican heritage. She clothed herself in traditional Tehuana dresses, colorful embroidered tops and long flowing skirts, native to the state of Oaxaca. ¨ This quote states the Frida´s cultural makes her artwork have more colors and figures of the Mexican heritage in it and gives it more information about herself. Like in paragraph nine says ¨This shift and the flamboyant flavor of mexican colored Frida´s style of painting and shaped how the world would soon come to know her and her work.¨ This explains part of her becoming a very famous ,cultural , feminist icon.

In conclusion, Frida is recognized as one of Mexico’s most famous artists and figures and is known worldwide for her stirring self-portraits. But behind all of the positive and good work of Frida, was that she was a resilient trailblazer who was an accident survivor from excuating pain, her being the most blissful person on her personality , and was very proud about her Mexican heritage. Which made everyone know her very worldwide for her life and her legacy.

11 February 2020

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