The Link Between Coronavirus And Anxiety Disorder

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In today’s society it is a lot going on. People left and right have to deal with their inner circle problems and the whole country’s problems. As we all know the most dangerous headline there is, is named Coronavirus. This alone can have people about to jump off a cliff. Do you remember when it first started when people were going to the grocery store shopping like they were going to quarantine for at least 20 years? Man that was insane. Just stop and take a brief second to think about what else the virus could lead to. People gaining or having a more serious psychological disorder, things that cause rare or unusual behavior, faulty perceptions or interpretations of reality, hallucinations and ideas of persecution, severe personal distress, self-defeating, dangerous, and socially unacceptable behaviors. For example, Anxiety is a disorder that most people often overlook. This world just has a lot going on that could tear a person apart.

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Let me explain, studies show about 50 percent of the people will experience a psychological disorder at some point of time which often starts in childhood or adolescence. This already takes a toll of the way people feel, the way they think, act etc. Anxiety is a perfect example of what I am talking about. You see Anxiety manifests itself when we believe that a dangerous or unfortunate event may take place and are expecting it. It starts with psychological views in which phobias are conditioned fears. They are fears acquired through observational learning, people’s appraisal of magnitude of threats. Some people are afraid of spiders since a kid or heights. Then there is the biological view in which anxiety can be caused due to genetic factors and it reflects natural selection. And lastly, the bio psychosocial view which causes anxiety is the interaction of biological, social, and psychological factors.

Furthermore, the symptoms of anxiety include stress that’s out of proportion to the impact of the event, inability to set aside worry, and restlessness. The person easily loses concentration, their thoughts start racing and they begin to get tired or start to sweat. There are multiple different strings of anxiety disorder like a panic disorder. It’s an abrupt anxiety attack unrelated to a specific object or situation. The physical symptoms include shortness of breath, heavy sweating, tremors, and pounding of the heart. Some people feel like they can’t breathe, like something’s choking them or they have to vomit. Some start to tingle and get chills or have the fear of losing control. I think I have Social anxiety disorder often called social phobia. This is an excessive fear of social situations, the fear of public speaking, stage fright, speech anxiety, and dating fears. Another string would be generalized anxiety disorder which gives a person persistent anxiety. It can’t be attributed to an object, situation, or activity. The symptoms are motor tension, autonomic over arousal, and excessive vigilance. Most times people can’t handle that by themselves and now they have to worry about Covid-19.

COVID-19 is an illness caused by a virus, most likely it originally emerged from an animal source and now spreads from person-to-person. The virus that causes COVID–19 is a new coronavirus that has spread throughout the world. COVID-19 symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe. Starting off with a fever or chills, difficulty breathing and coughing. These symptoms kind of remind me of the flu but it’s worse. The virus attacks people with a weak immune system. People with chronic or underlying health conditions are more likely to become very sick from COVID-19, and people who are battling cancer are at higher risk for health related obstacles due to coronavirus. It starts to break down their cells and consume their lifespan. There had been a major outbreak of the virus all around the world. It’s so crazy that I could have sworn one day the earth stood still. People are scared to go outside. Government shutting down the schools, church houses, small businesses that they think are not essential for everyday life. They stopped traveling in and out of the United States and even told people don’t travel, stay home and quarantine yourself for 14 days before you come back outside. This can cause one to develop anxiety quickly. The fear of going outside, worrying if they have the virus or not already. And for the people who has lost family members to this deadly pandemic, I know they are stressed and depressed.

In conclusion, we see that corona has caused a plethora of problems in the world. Though we think we know the origin, there has yet to be a definite cure. Coronavirus has been affecting many people and has played a major role in the lives of those with anxiety. Those people include persons with specific phobias, generalized anxiety, and panic disorders. As long as coronavirus continues to spread and stream those with anxiety disorders could continue to be affected in a negative way. 


16 August 2021

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