The Link Between Ownership And Sense Of Self

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Ownership and sense of self go hand in hand to each other. Both, tangible and intangible objects that a person owns, help develop and characterize a person and their identity. Individuals are categorized and defined based off objects in their possession. The objects that a person owns make them unique and distinctive.

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As new technological advances around the world are released to the public, society feels compelled to own it and is driven utterly insane trying to get ahold of objects like the newest iPhone or the fastest car. In owning these items, individuals are endowed a feeling of being modern and up to date. Furthermore, people can even be separated and categorized by the objects they possess. For instance, a man can be the richest person in the world, but if he is seen driving an old, beaten up car or has a phone that was released several years ago, people will automatically assume that he doesn’t have money and that he can’t afford nicer things. Therefore, they will treat him as less than they would somebody who they thought had more money and was more “trendy” This proves that just by having the latest, more expensive things, a person automatically has an advantage and is placed in a higher position in society. Having lavish possessions makes a person feel more confident and luxurious and can also determine a person’s social ranking and offer a feeling of integrity. Tangible items define an individual and can greatly influence how a person is seen in the eyes of society.

Although tangible items like cars and phones help characterize a person, intangible objects like concepts and opinions also play a significant role in the creation of one’s identity. Having different thoughts, concepts, opinions, or beliefs makes an individual distinctive and different from the rest of society and can make a person feel special and comfortable with themselves and their personality. An individual’s character and charisma are reflected off their beliefs and personal decisions, just the same as one’s knowledge is a key component in their identity. All of these listed intangible concepts characterize people and their identity. For example, authors and their works. Some novels or books might go unnoticed because the concepts and ideas that are expressed in them are too creative or different for a certain audience in society. However different people have different aspects and opinions. A person’s creativity and way of thinking makes them different and overall more victorious. The owning of thoughts and knowledge characterizes a person and offers an individual with a feeling of identity.

Additionally, ownership and sense of self relate to an individual’s experiences and their recollections of the past. Keeping artifacts and heirlooms that were passed down from generation to generation can say a lot about a person and their character. There are certain characteristics and qualities that only a person who would do this possess. Like individual experiences, the hardships and struggles that a person has been through builds on their character. Having recollections from the past and goals for the future additionally provides individuals with a sense of identity and who they are as an individual. For instance, one who is consumed by their dream is determined and will attempt anything and everything that can potentially make them stand-out or improve their chances of being successful. They will stop at nothing. Having goals reflects on and individual’s character.

10 Jun 2021

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